Longing For Lovely Lush Lashes?

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Whether it is a job interview, a sales presentation or just meeting that Mr. Right or Ms. Right, you want to make a good impression and look them right in the eye. There are commercials abound with make up to use and articles with make up tricks to help you make your eyes standout. The media outlets are a large part of our lives and all the beautiful people seem to have thick, lush lashes.

Unfortunately, not every one is born with those lovely, lush lashes. Or perhaps you’ve had them before and due to medical issues or an accident, they are now thin and sparingly. Here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, with the wonders of the medical world, Dr. Adam Basner is can help you get that look.

In as much as sixteen weeks or less, you can have those full, thick, long eyelashes with just a few visits with Dr. Basner. We offer Latisse therapy, the approved eyelash regenerating therapy that is FDA approved. Latisse is a product made by the same pharmaceutical company that brought us Botox.

While not a quick fix, this progressive therapy will give you results in 16 weeks, some patients as few as eight weeks even. While there is a downside with possibilities of allergic reaction such as redness of the eye, application site itching, dryness of the eye and rare occasion of lashes falling out, the patients of The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland have proven to be satisfied.

This therapy, Latisse, as with any therapy, still faces skepticism. If your thin, pale eyelashes are bothering you, give us a call today at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland and make your appointment for a consultation. Dr. Basner and his staff are more than prepared to answer your questions and concerns of this therapy.