Look Years Younger With Restylane

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A recent scientific study may offer the first scientific proof that Restylane injections really do make women look younger. Restylane is a popular product used for reducing the facial lines that give away our age.  It is popular because of ample anecdotal evidence that it works.  It's still really interesting to read about the experimental model used by scientists to test the effectiveness of Restylane in reducing the apparent age of women.

The had three dermatologists look at photographs of 10 different women.  The women had actual ages between 42 and 50.  Photographs were taken before and after treatment.  The doctors were asked How old are they? How old do they look?

The results were not that surprising.  The apparent age was on average seven years less than the actual age.

Medicis Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Restylane provided analysis and materials for the study.