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As we age, one of the first things on our body to let go is our neck. It begins to sag and drop and is often is referred to as 'turkey neck'. However, you do not have to tolerate this sign of aging and that doesn't mean that you have to hide it with high neck clothing or scarves. Today, Dr. Basner can perform a surgical procedure to eliminate this sign of aging. Not only will the neck lift get rid of the 'turkey neck' but it will make you look slimmer all over as well.

This procedure takes away neck wrinkles, making patients look younger has been gaining popularity all around the globe. Depending on the patient, a Neck Liposuction can be done solely or in conjunction with additional facial procedures giving even more improvement with the total outcome.

A neck lift is classified in three different ways. Cervicoplasty, Platysmaplasty and Neck Liposuction. Cervicoplasty surgery addresses the extra skin on the neck area and often requires removing that extra skin. With the Platysmaplasty take the extra, loose, slack skin and muscles and tightens them up.

Then we have the Neck Liposuction, which is our focus of this blog. It is specifically for patients that have the unappealing sac of fat accumulated at the neck. With some patients, Neck Liposuction can be performed with local anesthesia. During your consultation with Dr. Adam Basner, he will advise you on which of these procedures is the best for you and suggest if a combination of procedures may be the best thing for you and the flaws you want to correct.

As with any cosmetic surgery, the first thing you should do is become educated and informed about the procedure you are considering. Do your research on Neck Liposuction so that you are knowledgeable of not only the benefits, but the possible risks and possible results. Have a clear determination of your reasons to have a Neck Liposuction done and make sure it will be worth the expense, risk and results for you as an individual. Bring your concerns and questions with you to The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland for your consultation so that Dr. Basner can review them with you and provide the answers you need. It is normal have some stress, worry and feel nervous about a Neck Liposuction or any other elective surgery.

Part of your research should be to interview several plastic surgeons as well as visit with your general practitioner. Ask them for recommendations of cosmetic doctors in addition to making sure you are in good general health for such a procedure. As you interview plastic surgeons, ask to see their portfolio of former patients, before and after pictures. A referral to speak with these patients can give you answers to many questions such as what was their experience like, how did they deal with the whole process before, during and after their Neck Liposuction procedure.

Do a thorough background check and board of certification check for any cosmetic surgeon you are considering. The better informed you are, the better you are able to pace yourself and have a peace of mind too.

No matter how much research, checking and referrals you get, you will still have some anxieties and concerns, this is normal. Going into this procedure, you need to know that any cosmetic procedure will have some discomfort. However, many Neck Liposuction patients have very mild discomfort and pain. What many say the experience is tightness around the area of the procedure which is usually a result of the skin being slightly swollen. Many state they have a pulling sensation as well. Some bruising and puffiness after surgery for approximately two weeks is normal. Dr. Basner will prescribe pain prescription and as the discomfort lessens, over-the-counter painkillers will suffice.

Many patients are concerned if they will be awake during. At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, our patients can be confident they won't awake or conscious during their Neck Liposuction procedure. Dr. Basner will administer an sedation by IV so that you do not feel or hear anything during your procedure. The sedation you will be given lasts for the length of the session and slowly fade off as you wake from your Neck Liposuction surgery.

Many patients wonder just how drastic their looks will be afterward. Many wonder just how successful a Neck Liposuction will be. Dr. Basner takes every step possible to make sure your Neck Liposuction is a success. While you will maintain your own unique look with a younger touch, he will do everything possible to be sure the signs of plastic surgery are minimal. However, for patients that are looking for an extreme change, Dr. Basner will strive to reach that goal for you as well. These are things that are discussed during your initial consultation.

To give every possible chance that you are happy with the outcome of your Neck Liposuction, discuss your desired expectations and goals with Dr. Basner. Make it clear in expressing what you are trying to achieve. Be open minded as he explains what is possible and what isn't possible to achieve. Be open minded to his suggestions. You need to be certain that you don't have unrealistic expectations and remember that no plastic surgeon can perform magic results. Study all your options before moving ahead with your Neck Liposuction procedure.

In order to be a candidate for this procedure you need to be in good health. This is to lessen the possibility of complications and ensure a speedy recovery. In line with that, you also have to discuss with your doctor your expectations and work out if these are realistic or not.

Patients wonder what they may need to do to prepare for their Neck Liposuction procedure. The Neck Liposuction procedure will take approximately two to three hours for the procedure yourself, however your recovery time take more time, again each patient is different. First you will want to arrange time off of school or work. Normal requirement is fourteen days to have the Neck Liposuction procedure performed and for the healing period. Each patient is different and Dr. Basner will discuss this with you during your consultation.

It is advised for smokers having a Neck Liposuction performed to give up this habit as it can slow the healing process and may cause complications. If you are taking any medications, over-the-counter or prescribed, be sure to tell Dr. Basner during your consultation, this can determine how Dr. Basner approaches your Neck Liposuction.

Any surgery procedure run the risk of complications and Neck Liposuction is no different. There is minimal post- operative discomfort can vary patient to patient. You may experience burning sensation, numbness, tightness and tingling at the site of surgery. Bruising, infection and inflammation are possible as well and should be brought to Dr. Basner's attention immediately. You can expect your neck to be sore and stiff for a day or two, again, each patient is different. The staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland will provide you with a compression band that will help keep any swelling to a minimum.

If you don't want to be mistaken for the Thanksgiving turkey again and want to improve the shape of your neck, then a Neck Liposuction could be right for you. Call The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland today and make your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Basner. The only thing that is between you and that slimmer, younger look is a phone call!