Men Aren’t Suppose To Be Voluptuous

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Male breasts are referred to as man boobs, the medical term is gynecomastia. Gynecomastia comes from the Greek terms "gyne" and "mastos," which when translates to woman-like breast. It is the enlargement of a man's breasts caused from hormonal imbalances or hormonal therapy.

This physical condition that affects the male gender usually occurs during puberty. This abnormal enlargement is caused by a disc shaped tissue in the breast tissue under the areola. It may affect only one or both breasts and serious problems and has been linked to disease in rare cases.

Usually, it will remain the same size and may disappear spontaneously in one to two years for most men. However, there are times where the male subject does not go into remission. Instead, the breasts remain enlarged permanently, which causes disturbances or severe embarrassment for men.

At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, we understand that man boobs are an embarrassment for most men. As such, Dr. Adam Basner offers a gynecomastia surgery as an alternative to reduce the breast.

Some experts’ feel that men with enlarged breasts experience such problems because of estrogen build up and that these hormones are responsible for the growth of breast mass. Both men and women are noted to have a large amount circulating in the blood.

While hormones play a chief role in development of body components during puberty for males and females, estrogen is primarily the hormone in women and testosterone is the dominant hormone for men. However, during puberty, estrogen does increase in the male as a natural part of developing.

Those who suffer from suffer cirrhosis of the liver cirrhosis or other liver diseases may experience and increase in estrogen levels as well. Other factors that can be a contribution to man boobs are some prescription medications for diseases such as prostate cancer and even some antidepressants and ulcer medication that can cause an increase of estrogen.

If you are concerned with enlarged man boobs, a gynecomastia surgery may not be right for every male. Dr. Basner and the professional staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland are more than glad to speak with you regarding if this is the best solution for you.