Mommy! You Feel Different!

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Often after giving birth, a woman's breasts aren't the same as they were before. Especially after multiple births and after breast feeding. While they may be larger than before, they aren't as firm and perky, gravity has taken it's toll on them. Or perhaps you have just the opposite situation with your breast and they aren't as voluptuous as you would like them to be. In your younger years, before children, you've thought about getting them enlarged, but never acted on that thought.

As any parent though, you wonder how will the children react to mommy's body changing, especially small children. First of all, after surgery, you won't be able to do many things that you do now with them or for them. Such as picking them up or jumping and running while playing with them. Depending on whether you are having them decreased or enlarged, your chest will be much different to them when you hold them as they lay against you. What can you do to assist them to adjust this change? Helping your children with the transition of mommy's chest size changing can be a concern that needs to be addressed or a plan in place before you have the procedure done.

A sudden breast augmentation can be unsettling for a few days for many children. However, infants won't notice nor really care and with older children, you can explain plastic surgery in plain, simple words. Sit your older child down and have a frank, open conversation with them, explaining that you are having plastic surgery and they will need to help mom for a while with younger siblings and household chores.

However, with toddlers, it can be tough to explain where they understand. They will ask questions and this will be where you can use your plastic surgeon experience and suggestions about how to explain mommy's new chest. With your surgeon's advise and experience, and asking others that have gone through a similar situation, with some creativity, most mom's can make this transition surprisingly easy without confusing your children.

Some women find that after they have made the decision to go through with a breast increase, they start wearing larger padded bras for a while, graduating up to the planned size they intend on becoming. With this process, your younger children will become adjusted to mommy's different chest size when you hold the. If you have any family or friends that have had a breast increase or reduction surgery, let your children visit with them. This will show them that while they may look different, they are the same person they've always known.

Have a discussion with your children, without a lot of detail, that after mommy's surgery you will need to take it easy around the house, getting extra rest and that while you love their hugs, they will need to be careful for a short time hugging mommy. Explaining to younger children that while mommy heals, she won't be able to pick them up as much either. To prepare younger children for the lack of being picked up and held, gradually begin the transition from their needing to be picked up and gentler play times with mommy.

You aren't just preparing your child for this transition, but your emotional adjustment as well. Starting to work with your children in advance will help ease you feeling like the bad guy while you follow your doctors orders and have the time to heal properly. Keep in mind that when this is said and done and mommy feels better about herself, she'll be happier and this will relate to your children too.

If breast implant or reduction is your future, give us a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. During your consultation with Dr. Adam Basner, he will listen to your needs and answer your questions. We want you to be educated and informed before you enter the operation room. The more you know, the better your outcome will be.