My What Big Ears You Have!

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You may have heard the old saying "the bigger, the better", but when it comes to some things, that is not always true. Such as being stuck with excessively big ears? For children, especially, this can be a hard thing to live with.

Childhood for the most part is fun but when you have obvious features such as big ears, the ridicule and teasing can be unmerciful. As an adult, if you have grown up with large ears and never had anything done about them, you adjusted and ignored the teasing. You likely have attempted every imaginable hair style that would cover your ears. As a child though, experiencing the teasing and ridicule can be damaging to your ego and self- confidence.

Today though, it has become more common place to have these flaws fixed and Dr. Basner at the The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, is proud to offer ear pinning surgery to correct those over-sized ears. Otoplasty is a simple procedure that pins the ears close to the head, creating less jutting of the ears. Otoplasty is safe and can improve not only your appearance but increase your self-esteem.

While Otoplasty can be wonderful for a child and fix the physical flaw before it damages their self-esteem, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland has performed otoplasty on many adults as well. We do recommend that a child reach the age of five or six before considering Otoplasty so that the ears have reached their full size. While younger patient are easier to perform an Otoplasty on because the ears are more pliable making it easier to mold them.

When performing an Otoplasty, Dr. Basner makes an incision right behind the ear at the natural crease so that it won't be visible. He then removes cartilage and skin while shaping the remaining cartilage for a more aesthetic look. The skin is then stitched back up where the ears ill be flatter against the head and in better suited to the patient's face.

Depending on the patient, Dr. Basner may perform the Otoplasty on an outpatient visit or in a hospital. Adults and teens are given a local anesthesia along with a mild sedative. Young children are placed under general anesthesia. Withing 2 hours, the procedure is completed and outpatients go home shortly afterward. Patients who have the procedure performed in the hospital will have varying length of stays depending on the individual.

Otoplasty is the same as any surgery in having a some risks such as the sutures could break. There have been rare occasions that patients have experienced numbness and bleeding. Thick scaring and possible infection are also possible. If you have any concerns or questions, Dr. Basner and the staff of The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland are here to help you and provide answers.

After your Otoplasty, during recovery you may experience minor discomfort and pain. Dr Basner may prescribe mile pain relievers to help with this while many patients use over-the-counter pain medications. Some bruising, swelling and tenderness should be expected as well after your Otoplasty.

Ear bandages are recommended by Dr. Basner after surgery for a few days and some patients may be required to wear special headbands for a week or two that will keep the ears in place. Scars left behind the Otoplasty will fade over time.

Otoplasty is safe that can improve a person's look as well as their self-confidence and self-esteem. For Dr. Basner and staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, our goal is to reveal the beauty in you.