Not Everything Rolls Off Your Back!

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When a person has lost an extreme amount of weight, there is sagging skin left behind. More so in the area of the abdomen, but the back may have sagging skin left as well. The skin on the back is thicker and has more parts of our body attached to it which hold it to be more firm than other parts of the body. It also is not able to expand with weight gain as other parts.

Sagging backs will bother women more than men due to wearing bras. The fat tends to roll up above and below the bra strap making it difficult to find clothing that fits well. From there the fat tends to proceed down the waistline leaving more fat rolls there. Luckily today there is surgery available that will eliminate those rolls and help a woman or man get a smoother figure.

Some have the impression that liposuction is the way to make this happen, however, that is not correct. Dr. Adam Basner uses a procedure that will remove those fat rolls themselves and give the back a more flat and tighter look and feel. Often times it is done along with Liposuction which will pull the fat out of the back. It may also be done with a breast lift as well.

For the surgery that lifts the back, Dr. Basner will remove an egg-shaped cutout of skin along with the attached underlying fat. The cutout pattern and the final scar outcome will be placed in a horizontal or upright orientation on the back. The final scar will lie further up within the bra line when done horizontally allowing it to be camouflaged. The back skin removal can be performed along how the skin rolls fall in an oblique manner as well. The amount of skin that is removed by either way is surprising and the tightening of the skin is the pleasing result that The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland staff desires for each of the patients.

The discomforts experienced by patients that have had back lifts performed by /do not experience much discomfort. A standard part of this procedure, Dr. Basner will place a drain during surgery to remove any fluid that is left after closing the surgery. This will stay in place for approximately a week time to allow the fluid output to significantly drop. While there will be some scarring with a back lift surgery, Dr. Basner’s patients are usually surprised at how well they heal when compared to surgery performed on other parts of the body.