October + Pink = Breast Cancer Awareness

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Every October we see pink exploding all around the world. You see pink shirts, pink arm bands, pink hats, pink tennis shoes and more. Pink, pink, pink - everywhere you look, there is pink. Even on baseball fields and football fields there is pink. If you've been on another planet or in hibernation, you may be wondering why. Well October is the month to promote the awareness of breast cancer. One in eight women of the United States is affected by breast cancer. Just in 2010 there were 250,000 women were diagnosed with this disease and twenty-five percent of them will die.

However, the pink explosion in October is not only to bring awareness to these devastating numbers, but also to bring awareness of early detection and prevention too. The pink explosion in October is the symbol of an optimistic outlook for a cure. It is hoped by millions around the world that by bringing attention to breast cancer awareness and research will lead to your family and friends living longer in spite of this disease.

So what can the everyday person do to help this endeavor? Go pink, not just in October, but year round. By wearing pink, it is a reminder to everyone that there is hope in finding a cure and prevention. No need to wear pink everyday, but you can make sure pink is a part of your everyday life. You can find pink coffee mugs, pink backpacks, pink grocery totes and when you can't find something in pink, put a pink ribbon on it.

Wearing pink and showing pink isn't enough. Talk about breast cancer, it's no longer a subject to be discussed behind closed doors in private. Too many women still aren't getting screened for this disease and that is the first step in early detection. Early detection is necessary in curing breast cancer. Lead the way in your circle of friends, your family, your office, church, and neighborhood. Encourage or shame others into taking the lead in their own circle of friends, work, family, church and so on. By you leading the way and taking responsibility yourself you are encouraging others to do the same.

October is the biggest month of all for breast cancer awareness. There are events happening all around the world. From Estee Lauder's campaign to "Shine A Light On Breast Cancer" through FaceBook and other social media sites to Avon's "Walk for Breast Cancer" and the "Wear It Pink Day" in the United Kingdom. The first steps you can take is show your own awareness of this disease and bring it to the attention of everyone around you.

Even if there isn't an activity that works for you, organize one of your own! Make it fun and challenging, make it pink, do it in October, but most of all just do it! By taking the lead and motivating others too, you are saving lives!