Open or Closed Rhinoplasty?

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A Nose Job or a Rhinoplasty procedure is performed for several reasons. To change the appearance, the shape or the size of your nose. Thanks to modern technology, the procedure is easier and faster than in years past. You won't find yourself with a long hospital stay or in recovery mode for weeks and weeks. A Rhinoplasty is now performed as an outpatient procedure and most patients are fully recovered in short time.

There are two different type of Rhinoplasty procedures. An Open Rhinoplasty and a Closed Rhinoplasty. Just like any surgery, or any decision, either method has pros and cons. So just what is the difference between a closed rhinoplasty and an open rhinoplasty? How do you know which one is for you?

A closed Rhinoplasty, which was more frequently performed in years past, is where your surgeon will make a limited incision, typically only in the nostrils. The open Rhinoplasty, which most surgeon prefer, a small surgical incision is will be made between the right and left nostrils.The open Rhinoplasty is more frequently used because of the degree of certainty for your results is higher as your surgeon can view your nose right and left sides of your nose at the same time.

A pro of the closed Rhinoplasty is that is will heal quicker and a con is that there are limited things that can be accomplished with a closed Rhinoplasty. On the other hand, the open Rhinoplasty may take longer to heal but there is more variety of what can be done with an open Rhionplasty.

Which procedure is best for you? That will depend on what the end goal is for your results and a decision your surgeon will discuss with you. If you are considering whether you may need a nose job, give us a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland and schedule your consultation*.

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