Plastic Surgery Is So Yesterday!

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When plastic surgery entered the twenty-first century with a new process of low-fat injection body sculpting, Dr. Adam Basner of The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland was right there to greet it and make it even better for her patients. For years, patients wanting to tighten up loose skin would experience sculpting that involved liposuction under general anesthesia. For the areas they wanted to make more full, such as breasts, the brow and face, Botox or implants were the answer.

Noted as the premier provider for Body Sculpting in Maryland, Dr. Adam Basner has taken the techniques from Europe and gave it her special skills creating her own persona Body Sculpting brand. By utilizing unique, imported ultra-thin mico-cannula to disrupt fat cells, Dr. Basner can reshape your love handles, muffin top or saddlebags, giving you a thinner body.

Today, Body Sculpting is a minimally invasive that does not require anesthesia. Instead, Dr. Basner will administer a mild, twilight sedation that puts you in a pain-free, conscious state. Dr. Basner then extracts unwanted fat from areas that you and she have discussed prior, and it is cleaned and then transferred to the areas that you want to increase such as your breasts, face or hands. The areas that tend to get loose and sag as we age.

Body Sculpting can be performed on your abdomen, arms, chin, back, hips, knees, neck and your inner and outer thighs as well. This can be completed in one session for most patients with some requiring two to three sessions depending on the areas being worked.

With this new method of low-fat injection body sculpting, merely small amounts of fat are injected that have been enriched with blood platelets and fat stem cells which were harvested from the patient's fat. Dr. Basner has found that there is a much higher retention with this implanted fat technique and less chance of the body rejecting it, since it is from the body. The fat that is transferred is a living tissue that will develop its own blood vessels afterward and become a permanent part.

The ultra-thin mico-cannula, the tube used to liposuction the fat away. This allows Dr. Basner the ability to execute body sculpting in large areas like thighs and buttocks not just the smaller areas, such as knees, neck and chin. Dr. Basner's artistic techniques allow for more definition and with finer incisions that normally will not require suturing and result in less scarring. Not to mention, recovery time is much less than in the old days of plastic surgery with much less discomfort as well as less side effects have been experienced..

Do you have some areas of your body that you would like to fill in the wrinkles or tighten up? Call us today at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland for a consultation and in just one lunch break, you can have just that!