Protect The Girls – Pink Ribbons Unite!

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You have to be living in a cave with no communication to the outside world to miss the talk about the many activities and functions to take place all month long that are targeted to bring even more awareness to this disease and the hope to find a cure. We have discussed how pink is the international color for Breast Cancer Awareness. You see it all year long, but during the month of October, everything is coming up pink. Why pink though?

Today we have a symbol for anything that is generally essential. As such, each October the pink ribbons start appearing everywhere. The pink ribbon is not just a common ribbon but a symbolism of cancer awareness. Manufacturers, merchants, men and women all wear the pink ribbon and use other forms of pink to show the united fight against Breast Cancer. It is a symbol of unity. It is the symbol of just how vicious this disease is. It is the symbol that brings attention to the survivors, their families, their friends and the fight for the future of others that this disease may get a grip on.

All around the world anyone and everyone concerned with this disease wear the pink ribbon to show their support against this disease and the lives it has taken. Without realizing it, when you wear the pink ribbon, you are promoting a symbol of hope sub consciously for a cure that will rid Breast Cancer from our lives. The wearing of the pink ribbon is a large factor of breast cancer survival rates improving for hundreds or thousands of women all around the entire world.

The fourth Monday of October is regulated to be the pink ribbon day here in the Unites States. For everyone that wears the pink ribbon that Monday, we are making a strong statement as a united front of just how strong this disease is and the bigger the crowd that braves and unites to wear this ribbon can win this battle.

In wearing this ribbon, it represents a strong message to young and old alike, that this is a leading disease in the cause of women’s death. It reminds us to take the time for all the preventive measures known and have ourselves checked regularly. This is the main intention of why people should wear the ribbon and send the message to everyone who sees it. By doing something as small as wearing a pink ribbon all month long, we can help a lot disseminating this crucial information.

The Plastic Surgery Center Of Maryland encourages you or someone you know that has not gone pink yet, to do so this year. Every small pink ribbon is a large statement of hope.