Rhinoplasty – A Procedure For You?

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If you ever feel that your face or physical contour is not looking good enough, then you might choose to take cosmetic surgery to enhance the aesthetic aspect of your face or body. These days, with the advancement in technology, there is cosmetic surgery to help you change your looks.

One of the most common procedures we see here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland is Rhinoplasty, or known as a nose job. Getting a nose job these days has become common place. While one person may want to make their nose pointy another person may want a more slender nose. Rhinoplasty has the ability to change your looks that will give your face an overall improved aesthetic, symmetry to their face.

For example, with a Rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Basner can reduce the gap between the nose and mouth. This is common for women who want their lips to be more the focus than their nose. If your nose is slightly lopsided or is an awkward shape for your face, Rhinoplasty may be the answer.

Patients have come to The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland many times for a Rhinoplasty procedure to eliminate a bump on their nose. While a small bump is a common irregularity, removing that bump can give a person a dramatic change to their appearance.

Dr. Adam Basner has performed Rhinoplasty procedures for health related reasons as well. Such as a deviated septum can keep a person from breathing as well as they should. Rhinoplasty can help this by correcting the septum so that the nasal passages are open.

Today, methods of shaping a person's nose considers various factors such as their ethnicity and racial background and make the improvements they desire but still keeping true to their unique bone structure. For a patient with a wide now, Dr. Basner can simply minimized the nostrils and give you natural looking results.

The technology of Rhinoplasty procedures has improved greatly over the years. In the past, one nose job looked like all the others. Rhinoplasty gave every one, regardless of their ethnic back ground or race, a standard looking nose, which would not be a natural look for most people. Today though, Dr. Basner has knowledge, skills and technology available to him to create a nose that is unique to the individual.

For people who have lived their entire lives dissatisfied with their nose, it often affects their self esteem and leaves them with very little self confidence. If a person is very concerned with how their nose looks to others,having a Rhinoplasty procedure performed will boost their self-esteem and improve their outlook on life almost immediately.

A Rhinoplasty procedure may seem like a simple procedure but it is anything but simple. When considering having a Rhinoplasty procedure performed, do your research on surgeons and their facilities. With only one nose, you want to make sure you do everything possible to avoid being one of those plastic surgery nightmares you've heard and read about.

You will be amazed at how much A Rhinoplasty procedure can change your life for such a small surgery. An experienced and skilled surgeon such as Dr. Basner will know just exactly how much to alter your nose's proportions and give you the looks you have desired your whole life.

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