Rhinoplasty - Looking For That Perfect Nose

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Somebody that is not happy with their looks, perhaps they feel their nose is too large, too wide, too skinny would look to Rhinoplasty to correct that, which would be considered cosmetic surgery. Then there are people who need Rhinoplasty procedure for their heath, such as polyps or a deviated septum. Then there are people that have been in an accident and need a reconstructive Rhinoplasty Procedure.

Next to breast enhancement or breast reduction, a nose job is a common procedure sought after by many. A person may consider a Rhinoplasty Procedure (nose job), can be for many reasons. You've no doubt have seen celebrities that have had this procedure done, some more than once. These are the people that may be suffering from Body Dismorphic Disorder.

Having multiple elective plastic surgery procedures, usually starting with Rhinoplasty, are those who aren't just satisfied with changes to their nose, but are trying to get that perfect look. While it's not unusual for people to have more than one surgery in search of changing their looks, this disorder applies to men and women who insist having multiple surgeries in order to accomplish the flawless nose.

A good plastic surgeon requires a consultation and interview a prospective patient prior to scheduling a Rhinoplasty or any other procedure. Once a prospective patient sets their appointment at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, they will be required to complete a questionnaire as to why the are seeking this procedure. Then during their consultation with Dr. Basner, he will ask more questions and ask the patient to expand on the answers of their questionnaire.

Questions such as what is your goal you hope to reach with a Rhinoplasty procedure? What issues or problems are they having that the feel Rhinoplasty Procedure is the answer? Dr. Basner will also talk about truthful results the patient can expect. With today's technology, Dr. Basner can show a patient a realistic version of what their end results will be like. If Dr. Basner feels that you are trying to achieve something that is not possible or that you may not be ready for the consequences of a Rhinoplasty procedure, he may suggest that you step back and review the quest, give it some time to think about it.

Not everyone with Body Dismorphic Disorder are recognized easily. Then some people will have indication of this disorder while recovering or soon after, because they believe that the goal they had for their surgery was not achieved. They usually return to the surgeon that performed their Rhinoplasty and discuss what they aren't happy with and request, or insist on another procedure to correct it.

A surgeon such as Dr. Basner, will again go through a consultation and interview with them. If it is felt that there is no legitimate concern or reason,then a revision surgery will not be approved. A person suffering from Body Dismorphic Disorder will seek out another plastic surgeon. A Body Dismorphic Disorder can take place after any procedure, not just a Rhinoplasty, however that is the most common, prevalent procedure that surgeons see patients with this disorder.

Before you make your appointment with The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland when considering a Rhinoplasty procedure, do your research first. Take the time to think about why you feel you need this procedure, what your reasons are to change your nose, your looks are. Ask yourself if you are ready for the reactions of others afterward.

Dr. Basner and the team at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland want to help you make the changes that Reveal The Beauty In You, but we want to make sure you are not only healthy physically, but mentally as well. Making sure you have realistic goals and a good attitude are key ingredients to a successful Rhinoplasty Procedure.