Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Baltimore Rhinoplasty RecoveryLike any plastic surgery procedure, rhinoplasty requires you to take some downtime afterward. Each person's recovery is a little unique, and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner will make sure you are fully prepared for your recovery and that you know what to expect. Dr. Basner will make sure you know and understand all aspects of aftercare, such as:

  • How to take care of your nose as it heals
  • How to protect the rhinoplasty incisions
  • How to care for the bandages and dressings
  • What to expect your nose to look and feel like
  • How to manage any post-op pain and discomfort
  • When to plan to come back for a follow-up visit
  • How much time to take off from work, exercise and other activities
  • How much bruising and swelling to expect

After about three weeks, the majority of swelling will have gone down, and the results of your rhinoplasty will be fully apparent. Your nose will continue to adapt to its new shape for about a year, though these changes will be mostly imperceptible.

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