Rugged Looks Are Not All You May Think They Are

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Most men pay very little attention to their skin. They want to look good and maintain regular shampoo, bathing and shaving, which are needed and a good thing! However, until recent years, most men did not concern themselves about their skin care. Men are supposed to look rugged, right?

Well that was yesteryear thinking. Today, society almost demands that we stay as young looking as possible. As well, with the tight job market, everyone, men and women, want to look their best. The young and vibrant looking applicant is more likely to be chosen over the tired, worn looking applicant.

Male or female, skin is skin, and in that statement, men are no different than women when it comes to having a buildup of dead skin cells around age forty. Just like women, these dead cells make their skin look dull, tired, worn out. What men have working against them that women don’t is the daily shaving. In addition to having poor skin care practices that daily shaving can give a whole other set of problems such as ingrown hairs and irritation, all which lead to premature aging looks. Men aren’t spared skin damage by outdoor elements either! The sun and wind are enemies to male skin just as they are the female.

Here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland is seeing more and more men seeking procedures such as our Baltimore Face Lift and Laser Skin Rejuvenation. Either one is an excellent choice in getting back that youthful look but are still understated and don’t stand out and scream “I’ve had work done on my face”. This not only lets the man feel he looks younger and can relax with the boost in his confidence level.

With Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment, Dr. Basner uses a gentle laser light that will smooth the lines we try to tell ourselves are character lines, such as those around the mouth and eyes. Any skin that has been damaged by sun, wind or acne will be reduced leaving you with a healthy, younger, fresh look.

So even, men, if you are concerned about looking your age, give us a call today at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. Make your appointment for a private consultation with Dr. Basner, the sooner you do, the sooner you can look younger, vibrant and still have that experience employers are looking for these days.