Secrets Of The Stars For Beautiful Skin - Part 1

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Celebrity’s skin must always look perfectly flawless. They are on the big screen or may get caught by surprise with the paparazzi. Nevertheless, movie stars and celebrities that make seven-figure salaries for a movie aren't protected from the same breakouts that you experience. Just like everyday people, celebrities and stars are subject to breakouts, fine lines and flaky skin too. The difference is that when they need urgent skin care, they have the best dermatologists at their beck and call.

Dr. Adam Basner of The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland has been to Hollywood and was featured on ABC's "Baltimore's Dramatic Makeover". Dr. Basner has extensive experience and knowledge in cosmetic surgery and skin care and along with tips from other renowned doctors has some secrets to share with you to give you that celebrity treatment to achieve that perfectly flawless skin.

First of all, don't throw money buying random products looking for a miracle cure. Skin experts strong suggest to stay clear of toners and products that contain benzoyl peroxide. Most of us through our teen and young adult years have been told that oil is the enemy and causes acne breakouts. The fact is, bacteria is the cause of breakouts. Using product that dry your skin out can irritate it and create redness, all of which promotes a rise is your sebum production. This is completely the opposite of what you need to happen. Absorbers that are natural such as a clay based product prevents breakouts and will mattify your skin.

It can be tempting to try all of the 'miracle” products on the market today, but using compounding amount of products will actually do just the opposite of what your intended. Keep your skin care simple to get healthy skin. Stay consistent with your skin care products and avoid layering numerous products. For example, applying a bglycolic product then top with a vitamin C or retinol product, they actually will cancel each other's effects and your sought after results are lost.

Always worth repeating, drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day. However, this isn't the savior of skin. The more water you drink you are purging minerals from your body that are vital to it's well being. Experts such as Dr. Baser recommend hydrating your bod with raw fruits and vegetables instead. Foods such as apricots, avocados, broccoli, cucumbers, mangoes and spinach put more antioxidants, fiber and nutrients in your body that stay.

Protect the skin under your eyes! Your makeup can only perform so many miracles. Dr. Basner and the team at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland recommends that twice a day, apply eye cream. And you can never use enough sun protection! When you have a special event coming up such as a job interview or hot date, leave salty foods alone for a couple of days and sleep with your head elevated the night before. This will keep fluid from building up around the eyes leaving those ugly bags.

Is your skin looking dull? Skin experts such as Dr. Basner recommend soaking a wash cloth in cold water and rub gently over your face. While only temporary, this will stimulate the blood circulation in your face resulting in that radiating look we all want as well clear pores. You can use an ice cube as well or rub an orange slice over your face will give you the same effect.

There are more secrets to healthy, flawless skin as well that will be in our next blog. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns about your skin and any particular problems, give us a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland . Make your appointment for a consultation* with Dr. Adam Basner and he will give you professional advise if simple tricks at home will fix your flaws or do you need something more that only cosmetic surgery has to offer.