Shine On, Shine On Harvest Moon and Not My Face!

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If you have oily skin and are searching for the right type of skin care products, it can be a bit difficult. What may work for somebody with dry or combination skin may not actually work for somebody with oily skin. So keep your search focused on precise ingredients that are for treating an oily complexion. Dr. Basner has some pointers to share with you in the type of products you should look for that is appropriate for oily skin.

The first mistake many people make is selecting harsh cleansers. The thought may be that the more oily the skin, the more harsh the cleaner should be. This couldn't be further from the truth. A harsh skin cleanser will soak up all the oil in your skin and entirely dry it out. Over-dry skin not only produces dead cells that may clog pores, leading to acne breakouts and believe it or not, your skin will produce more oil to counterbalance the dryness. When your skin is already oily, you don't want to use products that will make it oiler.

Choose products that are completely oil-free when selecting acne treatments, cleansers and moisturizers, products that won't aggravate your skin. Your complete skin care treatment routine needs to be oil-free. Don't add products that are loaded with extras to your already oily skin! Remember also that your skin care routine shouldn't be just for use at home in the morning and at night. When you have oily skin, you need a mattifer that reduces shine during the day when your skin may get shinier from surface oil.

For instance, you want a cleanser that is mild and removes surface oil while it fights off bacteria on your skin and beneath the dermis. When purchasing acne treatment products, select one that not only reduces shine but has SPF protection from the sun's UV rays as well. This can keep your skin looking smooth while at the same time it's fighting off acne-causing free radicals from the sun's rays.

Now when you're looking for makeup, it can be a bit difficult when you have oily skin. Makeup contains chemicals and when the surface oil from your skin mixes with the makeup and it's chemicals, your pores become clogged which creates excess oil on your face. Look for natural form of makeup that won't irritate your skin and keep it light. By using a primer, it prepares your skin to wear makeup during the day.

First and foremost of good skin care is not to forget to wash your face completely each night before going to bed. Oily skin can still be healthy when you take the right precautions and care for your skin. Here at The Plastic Surgery Center Of Maryland we have a range of products that are geared by age and are for different skin types. Call us today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Basner to evaluate your skin's needs.