Should The Elderly Be Concerned About Breast Cancer?

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Breast cancer is a growing a disease that is growing worldwide. While there are some things we can do to lessen our risks such as our alcohol intake, giving birth to a first child after the age of 30, lack of exercise, which leads to obesity as well as our choice of oral contraceptives and postmenopausal hormone replacement. However things such as our age, ethnicity, gender and family history are things that can contribute to our risk that we have no control over.

Since breast cancer, as any other form of cancer, has no prejudice to age, even the elderly are at risk of developing the disease, thus making mammograms and self-examinations for them just as important. Just as it is for women in our twenties, the elderly generation should be just as alert to detect it early on. Early detection is the first step in survival of this disease. Just because you’ve reached the golden years of life doesn’t mean you should forget to perform monthly self-breast examinations.

In addition to monthly self checks, the American Cancer Society recommends annual breast examinations by licensed health professional as well as regular mammograms. It can’t be stressed enough how important mammograms are in the early detection of breast cancer. A mammogram can detect lumps that may not be found during breast examinations.

Remember, breast cancer can occur in anyone, of any race, age, or gender. Even men are not immune to breast cancer and should consult with their physician on whether a mammogram is right for them, based on family history and their own medical background. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you have a loved on that is not able to afford a screening or has transportation to a screening, call us at The Plastic Surgery Center Of Maryland for help. Dr. Adam Basner and the staff at The Plastic Surgery Center Of Maryland want to educate you and yours to assure a full and healthy life.