Silicone Breast Implants Is 50 Years Old!

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The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, along with plastic surgeons around the world, quietly noted the 50th anniversary of Breast Implants this year. Improving on what nature gave women, the attempts to have better breasts actually started as far back as the 20thcentury.

Injecting paraffin into the breast was the attempt to boost breast size in the 1890s. While the goal was achieved, the downside to this procedure is the paraffin leaked throughout the body. This technique came to an early demise.

Then doctors tried another procedure in the 20s and 30s. They began taking fatty tissues from other parts of the body and harvesting it with the goal to inject it into the breast to make the larger. The 50s brought other techniques that included using other various materials to enlarge breast. Items such as cartilage, glass balls, polyurethane, sponges and wood.

The world of plastic surgery has also seen non-surgical techniques over the years as well. Using times like suction devices and vacuum pumps. Not to mention the scores of inflatable bras, padded bras, creams and lotions.

The experiment for the first silicone breast implant for women was actually, man’s best friend. Esmeralda, a dog, was used as the guinea pig in 1962. The surgery on Esmeralda was a success, allowing doctors to begin performing silicone implants on human women. The first human patient was Timmie Jean Lindsey. Now, at the age of 80 years old, Timmie Jean has said she felt her implant job came out perfect. To her, they felt like real breasts.

In the beginning, there wasn't very many options with the first implants in regards to sizes. While popularity of breast augmentation with silicone implants became popular quickly, they were not without any issues or problems. Not only was there the chance of leakage, they also were at considerable risk for capsular contraction, hematoma and infection.

Science has made much progress in breast implants over the past 50 years. Around the globe, Breast Enlargement has become a popular cosmetic procedure, only out scored by nose jobs and liposuction. A Breast Implant is chosen by women not only to add a cup size, but it also boosts a woman's self-confidence. In many cases, Dr. Basner has performed such procedure to give equal symmetry for women whose breast were uneven. Not to mention that Breast Cancer patients are blessed to have this surgery available after a mastectomy.

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