Skin Cancer – Yes You Need To Be Aware Of This Disease!

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The best prevention of skin cancer is not to get out in the sun. However, even here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, we know that we can't live in a cave, we have to get out and enjoy life. So the next best thing is to have less exposure to sun and protect the skin when we are in the sun. Unfortunately, no matter how cautious we are, some of us may still experience skin cancer.

The most dangerous part of that is if the symptoms go unnoticed, skin cancer can be fatal. Luckily with today's medical knowledge and advancement, most skin cancers can be cured when detected early and a treatment plan put in place quickly.

Symptoms you should look for and be aware of are any moles or spots that change in appearance, color, or size. Any bleeding or raised areas, you should be concerned. If any of these signs are detected, contact your dermatologist immediately.

After examination by your dermatologist, if it is decided that the lesion should be removed, a prompt phone call to The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland should be your next step. We will schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Basner, who will determine what procedure is needed and appropriate to remove the lesion.

Infection and bleeding are always possible with any surgical procedure. You may have numbness in the area of the removal for awhile afterwards as well. In time, your body will naturally absorb any bleeding that occurs and any additional procedures that may be needed will be determined if any of the diseased tissue remains.

Everyone is concerned with appearance. Unfortunately, cancer cannot be removed without leaving a scar. Keep in mind that our main goal is to ensure the skin cancer has been removed completely, saving your life. Hiding the surgery scars will be second place but Dr. Basner and his team make every effort to do just that within your the natural contour of your body.

There is no age or race that is spared from skin cancer, we are all susceptible. People who are fair-skinned, fair-haired and in the sun a lot and those who freckle easy, are going to be at higher risk. The same goes for those who have a history in their family of skin cancer.

Procedures and treatments vary depending on the various types of skin cancer found. The extent and the severity of the cancer will make a deciding factor in how it should be treated. At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, the goad here is to remove your cancer completely and keep the healthy tissue around it in place. The exact methods and procedures that Dr. Adam Basner deems necessary will begin with the removal of the cancer and have it evaluated by a trusted pathologist, who will ascertain that all diseased tissue has been removed. Dr. Basner's patients have expressed very little discomfort after their surgery.

This is simply an over about skin cancer removal. It is only to be used as general information not pure medical steadfast rules. The Plastic Surgery Center will have more exact and precise information at your appointment that will be geared toward the type of skin cancer you have.