Skincare For Your Man

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What men don't know about their own skincare can be dangerous. For the most part, men are broadly unwilling to make the effort and spend time researching information on skincare products and usually end up wasting their money on products they don't need or shouldn't use. Skincare is not as easy as wash and go and most men practice this exact routine. They would like skincare products that are easy to use and work, with something as basic as a three step system of cleanse, tone and moisturize.

Fortunately, today men are becoming more aware of what products that are using and an increase of sales in the men skincare products has been seen the past few years. If only it were easy to recommend skincare products that are specifically designed for men. However, just as with women, it can be difficult for men to distinguish the good from the bad products. What men often discover is that most of the products for men, just as they can be for women, will be either poorly formulated, contain irritating ingredients, or not worth the price they paid for the product.

For many men, shaving is the typical way they start their skincare routine. It can also be where mistakes are common. Many shaving creams, gels or lotions that are geared towards men, containing ingredients that are irritating to the skin such as alcohol, camphor, menthol, mint and elevated levels of potassium or sodium hydroxide. These ingredients will cause the hair follicle and skin swell, raising the hair up from the skin to allow a close shave. Regrettably though, the irritation and consequent swelling cause the hair to be concealed by the swollen skin follicles and the razor misses them. The swollen skin follicles also make it difficult for the stubble to surface and when the hair commences to grow again, which is almost immediate, while the swelling is still there, it is more likely to result with ingrown hairs.

As well, the majority of men aren't using sunscreen leaving their skin in danger for cancer as well as increasing wrinkles. Chances are they aren't educated on the ingredients in their shaving products that irritate their skin and cause razor burn.

If you hare having constant irritation when you shave, have spots you're unsure of or not happy with the look of wisdom known as wrinkles, give us a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Adam Basner and find a skin care regiment that works for you.