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Labiaplasty enables women an aesthetic solution of this sensitive organ by maximizing the vulva and the lips around the female reproductive organ.

The surgical procedure labiaplasty has gained numerous fans because of the enhancement it gives a woman's body along with other surgical treatments such as breast augmentation, facelift and liposuction. The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland has the technology of a new level that gives us the ability to address just about any physical condition a woman is concerned about.

By having a labiaplasty performed, what was once a problem that was labeled as an aging problem and for the most part ignored, is now reversible thanks to Dr. Basner’s skills, modern medicine and technology. No longer does a woman have to suffer the consequences or toll that the rigors of motherhood left behind with her body.

Popularity around the world for a labiaplasty is due to the benefits a woman gains. There is so much more than one knows when it comes to having a labiaplasty performed. This is since of the benefits it grants women once the surgeons work on their genitals, providing an ease after the burdens and strain of childbirth as well as providing them the shape and structure they've thought about and desired. Dr. Basner knows that for some women it is the answer to a problem that has concerned them for years.

Having a labiaplasty allows a woman o alter the shape of their private area and make it more appealing. Not only does labiaplasty technology heightens the look and increases or scales down what a woman may find unattractive, it also provides an answer for a woman that was born with an abnormal condition in this organ. Some patients come to Dr. Basner with complaints of having larger inner lips. With a labiaplasty procedure, he can secure the right size so that any uneasiness that may have been felt when these parts are exposed is resolved.

Patients that see this as abnormal and were hesitant to let a partner find out, a labiaplasty will boost her confidence and self-esteem. The fact that this procedure is now obtainable, a lot of women are able to break through, face it and take care of it once and for all. As their confidence and self-esteem receive a boost, it also enhances intimacy too.

If you have given birth or just the act of natural aging has taken a toll on your body and maybe you fear what your partner thinks, give The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland a call today and make an appointment for your consultation with Dr. Basner. Once he listens to your concerns and evaluates the situation, overcoming this fear and enjoying the rest of your life is just around the next corner.