Starting College? Avoid Bad Habits!

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The road to having good, healthy skin starts from the inside of you. The largest organ of your body is your skin and what you feed your body is the fuel nourishes it via the blood stream. Your blood stream gets this nourishment you give it and then spreads it to each of the cells and organs in your body.

This is pretty basic science that we all learn in High School. However, once we graduate High School and move on to the next chapter in our lives, College, we tend to forget these fundamental things. We meet new friends, we socialize more starting with RUSH week and going forward. Then there is the stress of being away from home, being responsible for your own self. Often times, people pick up habits, both bad and good, along the way.

Sadly, for many us, College years are when people begin smoking. Remember that as you breath in oxygen, it is supplying air to all the cells and organs of your body, including your skin. For smokers, their skin is ingests that smoke rather than oxygen and the vitamin C that our bodies demand is deflected by carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a poison that mixes with the hemoglobin in our blood and in time, will effect not only your lungs, but your skin as well.

This large organ of our body, skin, is so amazing. By and large, skin mends itself, unless the natural system is deflected by the chemicals and poison such as what comes from cigarettes. Eventually in time, your skin begins to lose its natural radiance and becomes pale, it starts to age prematurely. Your body starts to lose nutrients and vitamins, like Vitamin C, that it needs to maintain a healthy existence.

We lose skin cells all along and your body will regenerate new skin cells. However, when your skin is deprived of those essential things such as Vitamin C, which is required to grow new skin cells, you start to lose the collagen that facilitates healthy looking skin. We lose collagen as we age naturally, however, smoking speeds up the process. As you lose collagen, your skin begins to weaken and those wrinkles we all dread getting, start to appear and your skin starts drying out, becoming scaly.

The damage to your skin cells is just a start to things to expect once you pick up the habit of smoking. Your eyes become sunken eyes and dark circles around their eyes will appear, no matter how much sleep you get. Your lips will begin to show 'smokers' wrinkles and become dark.

Once you're off to college and away from mom and dad's influence every day, don't let yourself fall for the temptation of smoking to relieve your stress and tension of studying and living a new live away from home. Fin healthier alternatives such as sugarless gum or candy. Then with the money you save by not buying tobacco, you can treat yourself to a professional facial scrub and massage after that first big exam!