Stress and Skin Are Not The Best Of Friends

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One thing that The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland knows for certain is that it is normal for our skin to change as we age. There are many factors that can age the skin in addition to just natural aging. Stress is a big part of aging our skin and that stress can be brought on by the things we use on our face in the ways of alkaline soaps, cleansers and makeup.

We also know that our stress level is the strongest force against our age though, When we are always anxious, jittery and tense, it shows up in our skin. Stress is not healthy for us, it speeds up the aging process. However, do you know how stress affects your skin?

Another thing that Dr. Adam Basner knows and you may not is there is a powerful hormone in our body called Cortisol and stress releases it into our blood stream. Cortisol is what is known as the fight-or-flight hormone. It represents as a steroid and will close down your immune system, getting ready to run away. Cortisol is the hormone where jitters and nausea come from, it is an invisible attacker. As with anything you can't see but need to fight off, you need all your energy so that you can focus in fighting the unseen. Your raised hypersensitivity causes you to be more susceptible to allergens and allergic reactions. Many people will experience hives and rashes on their skin.

Our skin cells lie on top of each other and tightly side by side. One of the basics that we all learn in junior high science that epidermis is the outer layer of our skin. This layer of skin builds a solid barrier that is covered with acid mantle, a waxy coating. Our body is protected by this barrier from bacteria, irritants and different pathogens. The first thing that is affected by our stress levels is this acid mantle, the waxy, protective coating.

The pH of our acid mantle begins to break down when we are stressed which causes the epidermis to break up as well. At this point, the skin cells start to display signs of dehydration by shriveling and the lipids in the outer layer start to break up. As stress begins to compromise the defensive layer, the skin becomes more endangered to attack and more previous to invaders. The layers of skin under the epidermis can now be intruded on by irritants and pathogens, possibly resulting in eczema and psoriasis.

When you skin becomes red, swollen and itchy that may bring you to The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. This condition, Atopic Dermatitis, is your skin reacting to allergens which is caused by stress. As any student will tell you, stress can bring out acne such as during exams. The more stressed they are, the worse their acne becomes. Stress also brings about cold sores. There is nothing worse than a big ugly cold sore when you go out on a date or a job interview!

People who are stressed tend to have scrunched up faces with frowns along with tensed jaws. Habitual frowning will cause your skin to wrinkle and form permanent frown lines. Wrinkles will make a person look older than they are in the face. Acid mantle breaking down will cause the skin to lose moisture and dry it out. Stress makes your skin feel dry, rough, and look old.

While we can't eliminate all of our stress, there are things we can to do offset the aging process. Such as the large variety of of lotions and potions that are on the market. The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland offers wonderful skin care products that can help you keep that youthful, smooth skin.

However, the best fight you can give your skin from looking old is busting the stress from the inside out. Drink plenty of clean alkaline, ionized water - that is the best moisturizer for skin. Eating right and getting plenty of sleep gives you that young, fresh, glowing look and don't forget laughter is the best medicine!

You are only given one body and stress is it's enemy. Stress is all around and will wear your body down fast. So to keep a younger look, use every strategy you can to get rid of stress. Take a day from time to time to do noting but relax and enjoy the day. Give us a call today to set up a consultation. Dr. Adam Basner will discuss the issues of your skin, suggest a regiment of facial care products and discuss how to stress keeping you from enjoying beautiful skin.