That Youthful Look Can Be Yours Again!

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Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Yes it is an organ - it lives and breathes for you as well as protects you. So, it is important to take care of your skin and keep healthy and young for as long as possible. If you have ever been sunburned to the point of blistering and peeling, you probably noticed your skin peeled in layers. So what can you do to keep it youthful, and most of all in the area of the face?

At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, we offer skin peels to rejuvenate your skin. peeling down the damaged skin to give you back that youthful, healthy skin again. A Stratum Corneum, aka, a skin peel, Dr. Adam Basner will remove a thin layer of skin from your face. This procedure is done in our office as an out patient procedure. It is quick and fairly un painful. Dr. Basner will apply a numbing cream to the area being treated.

Prior to your treatment, you will be instructed not to have any hair removal procedures asd it can slow the healing process down. You should give Dr. Basner a list of all your current medications as well, some medicines can slow the healing as well. It is also recommended to limit your sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to your skin peel treatment.

During the procedure, a laser will be used to gently peel away the first layer of skin. This reduced wavelength will infiltrate only the outer skin and reduces the wrinkles, fine lines, correct discoloratoins and reduces the ugliness of acne scars. Within just a few days of healing, you will immediately notice a youthful appearance . Your face will have that healthy glow once again with the previous skin irregularities gone.

It is normal to experience some redness and swelling, for this Dr. Basner will prescribe a topical ointment to reduce those somewhat and they are normally all gone with three to four days. It is advised to limit your sun exposure afterwards as well or if necessary to be in the sun to use a SPF sun block.

Expectant mothers or persons who have had permanent makeup applied or tatoos are recommended not to have skin peels performed. Patients with existing skin infection such as acne or rosacea are instructed to wait for healing before undergoing a skin peel as well.

While every patient is different, the risk of infection are very rare. Very little swelling is expereinced since the customized laser wavelength keeps any possible damage happening to the layers below the surface of the skin.

With the skills of Dr. Adam Basner and the skin peels he performs here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, a youthful appearance and texture can be yours! Give us a call today and schedule your consultation appointment. Let Dr. Basner reveal the beauty in you today!