The 3 Procedures That Are Most Likely To Go Wrong

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In most cases, patients of cosmetic procedures are satisfied with the results of they get. However, there have been cases where the procedure results were not flattering and can be considered a botched job. The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland would like to offer some examples of procedures that can go wrong.

The nose is the center attention of our face. It is one of the most sought after plastic surgery procedure for people who thing their nose is too wide, too long, too fat, etc. However, if a Rhinoplasty isn't performed correct, it can result in the nose looking “over done' if it doesn't fit the rest of the patient's face structure. A bad nose job can leave a person looking as if they are using someone else's nose.

Our forehead is where wrinkles will first appear and many patients wanting to keep that youthful look will have their forehead / eyebrows lifted. However, when a Browlift that isn't done right can give a patient the “surprised” look. This is usually the result of an inexperienced surgeon raising the skin too high. Not only can this give you a constant 'surprised' look, but can be rather disturbing too.

A Breast Augmentation can be wonderful figure enhancing procedure, if done right. When done correctly by an experienced surgeon, a patient will have an attractive, fuller shape which reveals the beauty in them. An experience surgeon such as Dr. Adam Basner will interview a patient to see what her desired results are then take her body frame, height and weight to determine what the best size and shape of implants are right for her. Every patient should be treated individually and not by what everyone else has done. Biggest isn't always the best and what your best friend had done may not work for you.

Whether you are a seeking to have a Breast Augmentation, Browlift, Rhinoplasty or a Facelift, you want to make sure you have done your homework on the procedure and the surgeon that will be doing your procedure. You want a surgeon that experienced and skilled in the procedure you are looking for and has references for you to review.

At The Plastic Surgery Center Of Maryland, we require our patients to complete a questionnaire and give the details of exactly what you are hoping to gain from a procedure. Dr. Basner will then interview the patient, listen to them and give them his opinion if what they are looking for is a reachable goal and what they can expect in the end. You should remain open minded and make sure you have a complete understanding what to expect and what any risks are involved.