The Unprecedented Acceptability of Plastic Surgery

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Not so long ago, celebrities uniformly concealed and/or denied the facts regarding any cosmetic surgery they may have had. Today, though, several factors have led to increased acceptance of plastic surgery. The Hollywood celebrities that admit to and often brag about surgical improvements are both a symptom and a cause of this change.

Other causes include medical advancements that have made surgery accessible to a broader range of people. Any middle-class suburban woman probably has at least one friend who has undergone a cosmetic procedure. Those same technological advances have shortened recovery times. Patients can get back to their job and their regular life much sooner.

If you have just learned the English language from a textbook, you might assume that 'reality shows' must be television shows that reflect the reality of human society. The rest of us know better. Some experts are suggesting that several years of reality shows featuring extreme makeovers have had a big influence on society. These shows have brought the subject of cosmetic surgery out into the light and caused people to see it as something normal and acceptable. The present situation is far better than the way things used to be. Now that women are talking openly about procedures among themselves, they can help each other find out about the best procedures and the best practitioners.

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