Things About Your Skin You May Not Know

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First, are you aware that your skin begins aging in your twenties? Skin is the largest organ on our body, and yet we know the least about. Experts will tell you and Dr. Adam Basner agrees, that your overall health is shown in your skin. This is why any doctor will tell you that keeping a healthy diet, limit the junk food, don't smoke, drink lots of water and keep an regular exercise routine are all important in keeping your overall health good as well as your skin.

You don't want to hit your 40's and then start using every advanced, powerful, super-strength product that promises to rid you of wrinkles. In your 20's is the time to start taking care of your skin and prevent any problems in the future. In your 20's you are already losing collagen in your skin at the same rate a person in their 40's is. So by starting an aggressive treatment early on, you can keep your collagen a little longer than if you wait.

Many skin care products use a plant, Botanicals, is popular for the medicinal and therapeutic properties it offers as well as it's flavor and odor. Botanicals contain beta-carotene that actually improve the quality of your skin.

Botanicals have a natural color, they won't have dye in them, so remember that they won't be white like many products on the market. They should be a light color about them. Any product that states it has Botanicals and is white, throw it away. This would be the first sign that indicates it has chemicals and is not all natural. Also, when choosing skin care products, be careful in any product that contains Glycols' or 'PEGS', a chemical that can be harmful.

Getting a back massage is wonderful for your body. Did you know that your face can benefit from a massage too? Getting the face massaged stimulates the skin cells and releases collagen. Collagen is the elasticity that we just discussed and is disappearing from you in your 20s and on through the years.

From day one of wearing make- up, you've been told to keep your make-up brushes clean, right? If you are one of those that uses your hands instead, keep in mind that they are germ carriers. At any time, your hands are covered in billions of bacteria and germs. These spread to your face as you apply your make- up.

Before you use any skincare product or put on your make-up, wash your hands thoroughly. Many times when your skin breaks out, bacteria is the blame. Germs are not only in the air, they are on your own two hands.

Keeping your skin pores open is healthy. Before you perform your nightly cleansing routine, get those pores opened up! A wash cloth or hand towel wet with hot water is the easiest and best way to get this done. By resting this hot and wet rag on your face for just a few minutes will open those pores and allow your nighttime moisturizer and other products work.

Studies have shown that our faces actually lose bone mass as we age. Calcium supplements will give your face support and help delay osteoporosis as well. By keeping your face's bone structure firm and full, the skin on your face won't have that 'hanging' appearance.

Vitamins are very important to your skincare routine and needs to be taken daily. Vitamins keep yoru skin nourished and as you get older, all the antioxidants and omega-3 oils you can give your body will keep those wrinkles at bay.

Do you exercise regularly? Does your exercise routine include exercising your face? Yes, your face has muscles and just as the rest of your body looks better with toned muscles, the better your face will look too. Smiling is the best exercise of all!

You can't moisturize too much! Even better, apply your moisturizer to your skin while it is still damp. This will trap the moisture in your skin toward the outside while you drink plenty of water to moisturize it on the inside.

This seems like something you've seen on a TV show as a joke, but sliced cucumbers really are good for puffy eyes! They shrink the puffiness and reduce the swelling. Read the labels on some of those high priced product and you'll see that cucumber is a main ingredient.

Maybe you've heard some of this before, but it never hurts to repeat and be reminded. These ten things can give you that young, fresh look for years to come!