Three Steps To A Successful Breast Augmentation

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A common complication from a Breast Augmentation is Capsular Contracture. This is caused when the tissue are built around what the body sees as a foreign matter, the implant. It then hardens and in most instances, the tissue taking shape will remain pliable and flexible.

Some patients will experience shrinkage of the isolated capsule which will cause the tissue to contract. This is when tightness occurs resulting in the affected breast with negative feel and look. In simpler words, this scar tissue that has formed makes the breast look deformed.

It is natural for our body's system to defend such things as foreign objects. For anyone that is considering having a Breast Augmentation and have concerns about Capsular Contracture, Dr. Basner can offer some ways to diminish the probability of Capsular Contracture evolving. A few tips, that will be discussed in your consultation at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland are:

•Antibiotics – Often, Dr. Adam Basner will prescribe antibiotics to his patients before their surgery. This is to help your body avoid any infection after the surgery.

• Self-massage – To aid in less chance of the scar tissue hardening and to help your breast tissue stay soft, Dr. Basner will instruct you on how to practicing self-massaging.

• Don’t smoke – It is common knowledge that smoking uses up the oxygen in your body. Prior to any plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Basner ask his patients to stop no less than two weeks prior and two weeks post surgery, allowing your body heal correctly

Following Dr. Basner post-surgical instructions is the most important step to follow for a successful procedure. Should you experience any suspected feeling of breast hardening or more discomfort than you've been told to expect, contact Dr. Adam Basner's office immediately.

Give us a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland today for a consultation* if you suspect you are suffering from Capsular Contracture or have other questions about Breast Augmentation.