Time Is Changing – So Should Your Skin Care Regiment

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Crisp air, bright colored leaves and possibly the fireplace has been lit already for some. Fall is in the air, no doubt about it. Who doesn’t love the change of seasons? Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, the changing of a season is a time for new things, new beginnings. One bad thing about this change though is the change in the air. Along with the sun setting earlier, the winds are picking up and drying out, therefore your skin care routine needs to adjust with the weather!

As summer humidity dries up, so will the top layer of your skin lose its moisture. Not to mention what the indoor heating of you home is doing to your skin! Regardless if you use central heat, fireplaces or space heaters, they all will have an effect on your skin. Dr. Adam Basner wants to remind you to keep that beautiful, soft and healthy skin that you protected all summer long, you need to change your skin care regiment with the weather. The change in your environment can have a negative impact on your skin.

The professional staff here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland can make recommendations of products that will help you protect your face as you work or go to school during the day by keeping it moist and soft. As well, as you sleep at night, we can suggest the products that will exfoliate as well as replenish and repair your skin from the day’s duties that is just right for your skin type, age and life style.

Don’t forget your eyes and lips either! As fall progresses into winter, the holidays and parties will start. Your sleep and rest will be interrupted causing dark circles and bags under the eyes and the wind can do havoc to that pouty smile you have! Once again, Dr. Basner and our staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland can guide you the products best for you as an individual that will erase those signs of tired, party eyes and replenish the moisture to your lips.

Which product and how often to use them are questions our trained staff can answer. Maybe you still aren’t sure what your skin needs? Give us a call and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Basner. He can put you in line with a skin care regiment to fit your age, your life style and your skin type.