Time To Toss That Makeup!

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Are you one of those women who doesn't change her fashion and wardrobe every season? With the cost of living these day, more and more women are getting like that as well. Making do with what you have, mix and match differently, maybe add something new to the rotation to jazz your wardrobe up a little. However, you can't do the same with your make up. While electric blue eye shadow as the color a few months ago and fashion trends that we have gone back to taupe this season, there are more reasons than just color style to throw out the old make up and buy new.

Like foods and medicines, makeup gets old and needs to be tossed and replaced with new. Makeup doesn't hold up the same as clothes, handbags and shoes. Here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, we value your skin and safety and offer some words of advise when it comes to understanding makeup and it's expiration date.

So just exactly should you throw away your makeup and how should you store your makeup? As we stated, like everything else, makeup prices are increasing too. Therefore, you probably try to get the most out of makeup as possible. By keeping them stored in cool, dry places is the best way to make sure that any cream-based makeup such as foundation and mascara won't go stale or congeal before they are used up. Leaving your make up in direct sunlight can break down the important ingredients like preservatives. Don't let your makeup get too much oxygen. Keep the caps and lids on tightly so they don't oxidize.

Should you use cream or powder base? You may be a lucky gal to have a relatively blemish-free and smooth complexion, congratulations! If so, don't cover your face with gobs of makeup day-to-day. If you do use a base, a powder form instead of a cream-based is the best for you. Since you won't need to use it daily, the powder-based blush, concealer, eye shadow and foundation will last longer for you as opposed to cream-based products.

When should you throw away your make up? Well that can depend on whether it's cream or powder and if it has an oil base to it. The general guideline recommended is to replace your cream makeup yearly. The oil base foundations generally last up to eighteen months and the water-based foundations much less. Depending on how you store your powder, it can hold up for as long as 3 years.

Make up has it has it's own distinct, pleasant smell so it can be difficult to know when they are old since there is no expiration date on them as there are bottles of ketchup and other foods. The general rule to follow is to dispose your foundation and other make up when they changes color, texture or smell. These changes typically indicate that bacteria has started in your makeup and problems can begin before you realize it.

One of the most used makeup items is mascara. Eye infections are all too common by using mascara or other eye makeup that is bacteria-infested. First and most important rule is NEVER share mascara with others, it is the quickest way to spread germs and infection. For yourself, whenever you may experience an eye infection, toss your old mascara immediately. The infection will be on the wand and you will keep reapplying it with each use. Otherwise, mascara shelf life is three months.

However, when ordinary makeup and an eye cream doesn't help hide or get rid of fine lines, puffy eyes and dark circles, it may be more than just a temporary thing. Call Dr. Adam Basner and make your appointment for a consultation. What make up can hide or correct, Dr. Basner has cosmetic procedures that can as well as offer suggestions on skin care products.