We All Have Family Traditions To Pass On ….

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It’s not the family tradition that you necessarily want either. We’re talking about acne, pimples, zits. Those nasty things that come up on our face for the most part and usually at the most inopportune time! For teenagers seems they ‘pop’ out just before the big date or party and for adults, they seem to ‘pop’ out just before the big meeting with the client, boss or the interview for the job of a life time.

Teens are more prone to be victims as their skin is younger and going through more stress. While most of us ‘out grow’ them, even us adults can have breakouts from time to time. There are many things that have been listed as causing these nasty things, but do we really know what causes them?

Well they come from inside you, believe it or not. The organs such as your bowels, kidney and liver are outlets of the toxins your body has inside. When these organs don’t rid the toxin, the toxins are released from inside your body to your skin. Then the dirt and oil you have accumulated during the day that is stuck to your skin becomes a breeding ground for zits.

For the majority of us, maintaining a regular cleaning regiment with a cleaning soap washes away those zit causing toxins. By washing your face on a regular basis, you will keep your pores clean and clear and that oil and dirt aren’t left there to have a party and leave zits behind. For some of our patients, Our staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland can make recommendations on what time of cleansers are right for your skin type.

However, just keeping your face on a regiment of cleaning with acne killing products, you should work on the inside of your body too. Foods that are fatty, greasy or difficult to digest will sit in your system longer and those toxins will increase build up and poison your body. If you are a stressful person, remove yourself from the situations or people causing you the stress, or learning how to better handle stress.

Exercise is a wonderful tool for many things to our bodies. It encourages the blood flow throughout your body which will have a dominion effect. You will see a relief inyou’re your skin will take an improvement because it is getting the benefit of that extra blood flow. When you exercise, you are encouraging the blood to flow better which in turn helps your skin cells breathe better and activate the good things in your body like vitamins. With a regiment of exercise added to your weekly routine, your body’s waste, those ugly toxins, will move from your body and lessens the acne outbreaks.

Perhaps you grew up with great eating habits, had stringent cleaning and got plenty of exercise, you could still have had acne and it left that ugly calling card on that beautiful face. Take the first step today to correct that and give us a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland for a consultation. Young or old, we all want a bright and shining face and it’s never too late to get just that