What To Expect At Three Stages Of Your Life

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The battle to try and keep that youthful look, aka lose the fine lines and wrinkles, can feel like an uphill battle. Yet, we keep on fighting the battle to look the best we possibly can, using all the tricks we find and constantly looking for more.

Our staff here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland offers a piece of information that you may not have thought about. Your face will change at various times as you age. So with that being said, you need to change your battle plan accordingly during the years.

The Young Years

Teenage years are hard in many aspects and skin problems are often the top problem of most teens with acne. Then when you reach the next decade of your life, most of us can embrace and enjoy a time of healthy skin. While you may till have a pimple here or there, in your 20s, they are few and far between.

Dr. Basner recommends using Vitamin A based skin products, which are usually products that have Retinol. You can't start too early in life wearing sunscreen and sunglasses either. Both will slow down the wrinkle process.

The Beginning Mid-Life Years

By the time you arrive to 30, you begin to see the signs of aging such as fine lines around your eyes. Your eyes will be puffy underneath when you wake in the morning, regardless how much sleep you got.

To fight these aging signs, Dr. Basner suggest that intensify your face cleaning regimen with an eye cream and never go to bed with out using a moisturizer. Products that contain Vitamin C or Green Tea are key ingredients to look for in the antioxidants you use.

At this age, it's not uncommon for patients to call us at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland and request a consultation on the possibility of a cosmetic procedure like Botox. This minimally invasive procedure that is one of the most popular today.

The Middle Age Years

By the time you reach your middle age years, your bone and muscle mass start to lose that full volume they have during your younger years and will leave your face looking tired and worn. The fine lines have begun to get deeper, specially the area around the mouth and eyes.

This age can especially be a concern for those who have lost a large amount of weight because the once stretched so far, your skin won't rebound in your mid-life years as it does when you're younger. Dr. Basner sees many patients in this stage of life and offers consultation with discussion of a tummy tuck. This procedure can be great to rid the skin left sagging for those who have lost weight or have given birth over the years.

Bone and muscle volume decrease during these decades of life, which can often result in a tired look that can be distressing to some. The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland offers cosmetic procedures for these issues as well. A consultation with Dr. Basner to discuss if a browlift or facelift are right for you.

Regardless your age, regardless the areas you have issues with, a consultation with Dr. Adam Basner can give you the advise and direction to take in resolving them so that you can live your life comfortable with your body. Revealing The Beauty In You is what we're all about.