Wheat Before Botox?

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As the Baby Boomer generation ages, we are seeing more and more Anti-Aging products and Wrinkle creams on the market, and they are buying them up! It is expected that the Anti-Aging product sales will go beyond $114 billion by the year 2015. What many skin experts find funny but sad is that there is a good chance you have Anti-Aging products in your refrigerator right now. If you don't, on your next trip to the grocery store, the list of fresh foods that are Anti-Aging is short and available.

For example - Buckwheat before Botox! Add to the collagen and elasticity of your skin with this seed which contains rutin. Wheat germs is not only rich in zinc, which helps to make new skin cells, but is also an anti-inflammatory. While Popeye The Sailor ate all his Spinach, right down to the finish, for muscles, it is an excellent source of hydration for your skin too.

We know that the sun's UV rays are dangerous. They cause cancer and speed up the process of our skin aging. With that knowledge at hand, experts tell us to put on SPF before heading outside everyday, year round. What you may not know though is that there are many foods that you may already have in your diet or can easily add to your diet that will aid in protecting your skin from the sun.

Such as adding more Tomatoes to your diet can also protect your skin from the sun. Tomatoes contain antioxidan lycopene which is a great protection against ultraviolet rays the sun radiates. Consuming Pomegranate is not only protection from those UV rays, but is also a good fruit to help lower your "bad" cholesterol too.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are both wonderful sources of sun protection and you'll find plenty of that in Blueberries, Kiwis and Sweet Potatoes. Some experts agree with studies that indicate consuming Vitamin C slows down the wrinkling and helps dry skin too.

Cantaloupe is good for reducing inflammation as well as protection against sunburn. Enjoy your Green Tea by sipping it or apply it to your skin. Either way, the skin care benefits are great with the polyphenols contained there. Green Tea is another wonderful source that protects your skin from those damaging UV rays.

So before you start to search the aisles of department stores, drug stores and specialty stores for the latest products promising to blast Wrinkles and tighten skin, give your refrigerator a try. You may find the great source of Revealing the Beauty in You is right there in your refrigerator!

Does this information come to late for you? No, it's never too late to start eating healthier. However, if the sun has done it's damage and the lines of time are upon you already, give us a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. A consultation with Dr. Basner can offer you solutions to those creases, lines and Wrinkles as well as age spots and sun spots.

Start eating healthier today but call us today to fix yesteryear’s affects.