When Should You Consider A Facelift?

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The skin that covers your face and neck becomes relaxed as you age and thus the wrinkles form. Between the cheeks and lips, the skin folds and deepens, giving your face that dreaded crease that shows signs of aging. In time, that loose cheek skin begins to hang below your jaw line. The skin around the neck becomes loose as well, giving us that 'turkey neck' look. Some of people will even have two bands around their neck, which accent when we smile or speak.

You can have that aging look disappear with a face lift here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. Those fine lines and wrinkles will disappear and those folds between your cheeks and mouth will be softened. That ugly turkey key look of loose skin at the neck will be tightened and that youthful look you miss will reappear.

While tighter skin on the face and neck are associated with looking young, you don't want to make the mistake of having all your wrinkles gone believe it or not. No matter our age and sex, we all have some wrinkles when we smile and with expressions we make, all of which is natural.

When you go for facial rejuvenation, you simply want to soften those deep creases and eliminate only the fine lines. Pulling your skin to be as tight as possible will not give you a natural look. Dr. Adam Basner focuses on leaving you with a natural appearance but ten years younger at the same time.

With the job market as tight as it is today, we are seeing more men here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland as well. The business world is just as competitive for men today and looking younger with a level of experience and skills on the resume can only help in landing that perfect job. Going into an interview with heavy eyelids or deep wrinkles, you look tired as well as older.

Give us a call today for your consultation* with Dr. Adam Basner. Discuss what you're looking for and he will give you feedback on what is possible and provide you the realistic possibility of what you want and what can be done, while still leaving you with Beautiful Natural Looks.