While You Party – Your Skin Ages

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One thing we can always count on in life is the mirror will never lie to us. When you wake the next morning after a night of drinking, not only will have the joyful experience of a hangover, but your mirror will show dull, pale, spotty and tired looking skin.

First of all, drinking interrupts your sleep pattern, especially if you're out late. Lack of sleep is harmful to your body's largest organ – skin. Most of us need a good, solid eight hours of sleep for your energy and your skin.

Alcohol will dry your skin out! Drinking dehydrates your body, and again, your skin is the largest organ of your body. Alcohol robs the vitamins and nutrients from your skin. While women can cover up the tell-tale signs of alcohol with make up, the fact remains it still has done the damage to your skin.

These things can be corrected and repair your skin in time. Some things can't though. Alcohol will dilate the tiny blood vessels in your skin making it look redder. Parts of your face will experience small red bumps and pus spots that come and go without warning. The small blood vessels in your face will dilate giving your face leaving thin red streaks.

Some people who drink heavily over a period of time, may suffer more detrimental and permanent results on their skin. Studies have found that a skin disorder, Rosacea, has been linked to alcohol. Rosacea begins with the tendency to blush easily and has been known to lead to facial disfigurement.

You have probably noticed while drinking your stomach may begin to feel bloated. At the same time, your face is experiencing this same bloating too. As alcohol is stealing the vitamins and nutrients from your body, it is building up toxins as well that contribute to cellulite.

So as spring is approaching and St. Patrick day is around the corner, with the parties and drinking, remember that alcoholic drink is robbing your body of the youthful look we all want to keep forever. Keep in mind that alcohol is not a friend of your skin and makes it vulnerable to sag and wrinkle as the collagen and elastic will decrease quicker than it would on it's own.

If you are going to be consuming alcohol, make sure you are drinking plenty of water to replenish the moisture that the alcohol is robbing. As well, keep your facial cleaning routine in place as well and avoid any skin products that have a high amount of alcohol in them.

Give us a call at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland for guidance with your daily skin care. We have a wonderful line of products that have been created for each stage of life and can help you maintain that young, bright face we all want. If you use to drink and have any of the skin problems we've discussed here, Dr. Adam Basner can provide a consultation for you and see what treatments are available to correct those flaws.