My Best Friend Got A Breast Lift – Why?

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As women age, our breast often begin to sag. Same after we have been breast feeding, survived an illness such as cancer or experienced sudden weight loss, our breast will start to sag. It can be uncomfortable and for many women, it doesn't help our self esteem either. For those women, Dr. Adam Basner can perform a breast lift or in medical terms a maxoplasty.

A breast lift operation is commonly straight-forward and women will choose to have this procedure in order to make their breast youthful and healthy looking again. If your breast are not as upright and perky as they use to be and a breast lift sounds like something you may want, do your homework. Research the options, the drawbacks and get yourself well-informed so that you can make the right decision for you, the individual.

The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland can schedule a consultation for you with Dr. Basner. He will educate you and explain the advantages and disadvantages of having a breast lift surgery and if it is the right thing for you. While having this body-altering procedure done will help you be comfortable with yourself and your body again, Dr. Basner will make sure you understand all the options.

In this procedure, while you under a general anesthesia, Dr. Basner will take away the surplus skin above the areola. The procedure takes around three hours and requires an over night stay in the hospital. You can return to your everyday activities and work usually after ten to fourteen days of resting at home.

By following post-op instructions that Dr. Basner will give you, your recovery period will be quick and very little discomfort or pain. It is recommended to wear a support bra after the surgery as for a couple of weeks as you heal. Scarring is minimal as are any risks.

As long as you go in to this procedure informed and prepared, your self-confidence and self-esteem will be boosted. Call The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Basner. Summer is just around the corner – time to get ready!