Will Cosmetic Surgery Improve Your Self-Esteem?

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According to a recent study surveyed several women and they all agreed that their self-confidence and self-esteem were both improved after having cosmetic surgery. For many women who have had children, her pregnancies left her with a body that didn't feel like her own, a common issue. Experts say that cosmetic surgery can turn that around and alleviate any low self-image and self-opinion.

In 2005, a study confirmed that almost 90 percent of those who had a cosmetic procedure done, showed immediate improvement with the image of their body overall. This in turn, gave them more confidence when they were in social situations.

Generations before had no choice but to accept their body's flaws. Today though, with all the advancements in the world of cosmetic surgery, we have solutions to correct those flaws and features we feel are unappealing. Surgeons such as Dr. Adam Basner can match a patient's personality to their physical appearance while correcting those features that the patient feels self-consciousness about as well.

There are two categories of patients that make for the best candidates to have cosmetic surgery procedures:

1). Those who have a strong self-image and are daunted by a physical characteristic they feel needs to be corrected or improved.

2). Those who experience a weak self-esteem because of a physical defect.

The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland strongly recommends that if you are considering having a cosmetic procedure done, make sure it is for the right reasons, for yourself, and not because others have influenced you.

At your consultation*, Dr. Basner will listen to your desires and needs and then give you a complete and thorough, experienced feedback as well as give you the realistic expectations of succeeding in those things.

Knowing exactly what the realistic possibilities are and being ready to accept what the results could be, will be the first steps in having successful procedure.

Dr. Adam Basner is an experienced, trained Plastic Surgeon and his goal is Revealing The Beauty In You, in the best way possible for you, an individual patient.