Will You Lose Feeling?

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Two reasons people don't go through with having any cosmetic procedure done is the expense and the fear of complications, negative side effects and results not coming out like they wanted. For women, this is even more so when it comes to any Breast Procedure.

While there is always a risk with any type of procedure, even getting your tonsils removed, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland wants all potential patients to understand, the likelihood of our patients having any issues is minimal. Dr. Adam Basner and his staff are highly trained and qualified in the area of cosmetic surgeries.

The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland frequently sets appointments for women who are interested in achieving a more youthful appearance with the help of Breast Lift Procedure. During the consultation with Dr. Adam Basner, he is often approached with a question revolved around the issue of nipple sensitivity. The number questions is “Will I lose it after surgery?”

Any technique used to perform a Breast Lift requires incisions in the nipple/areola area, the chance of losing some sensation is possible. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has very valuable information regarding Breast Lifts and Dr. Basner encourages all patients to visit this site prior to making a decision on getting a Breast Lift Procedure.

During your consultation*, Dr. Basner will explain to you that you could notice less sensation around your nipple and areola, but more times than not, this is temporary. It is rare that patients experience a permanent loss of sensation. The temporary time could be from a few days, weeks, months and in some case, up to a year.

At The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, we want to reassure every female patient that walks through our doors, they will have nothing less than the best in personal care. Revealing The Beauty In You is our goal along with the safest methods possible to assure your safety and good health. Call us today for your consultation.