Yes, Maintain That Skin Care During The Holidays!

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Are you planning on taking trips during the upcoming holiday season? No matter how you’re traveling, by car, plane or other means, traveling by any means can disrupt your normal routines. Your sleeping patterns, eating habits and hygiene routine can all be disrupted. When you’re not at home, following your daily regiment can be difficult, especially your skin care. Here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland, we offer some pointers and suggestions to keep that gorgeous face of yours looking healthy and shiny during the holiday season.

With all the holiday excitement and business, keeping your healthy regiment of skin care is essential, even more so than ever. Yes, eat, drink and party, but don’t forget your vitamins. Even though you’ll be attending late night parties, you still need to try to get plenty of sleep. Sleep is your skin’s best friend and without it, it will become dull and faded. Among all the parties, dining and drinking, keep water flowing too. Your professional team here at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland recommends keeping a bottle of water with at all times and drinking it as often as possible.

Your nightly cleaning can not go on vacation! Keep your moisturizing and anti-aging routine in place. No matter how young in numbers or young in heart, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland can offer product recommendations that allow you to keep your skin care regiment going while you’re away from home.

Depending on where you’re traveling to, somewhere nice, sunny and warm during the holidays or maybe you’re going to a colder climate, if you’ll be outdoors any length of time, don’t forget the sunscreen! The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland staff reminds you that the sun can be your skin’s worst enemy not to mention the cold, bitter air in cold places.

The holidays are wonderful, spending time with family and friends and along with that comes stress, another evil enemy of your skin. It can make you look worn out and aged. Remember, you are on a holiday break, leave the office behind! It will be there when you get back!

If you have recently have had any cosmetic procedure performed, call us for a quick consultation with Dr. Basner or ask the staff. We may recommend some special skin care treatments while you’re on the road. Remember, that no matter where you go, for how long you are there or how you’re getting there, don’t forget your skin care.