Yes, You Can Turn Back The Clock

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We haven't quite found the secret to anti-ageing aside from a few aesthetic tweaks here and there, and mankind still holds hope for the mythical fountain of youth. So until that time, taking care of our skin is one of the most important things we need to do. Have you ever noticed that as individuals age their skin begins to sag? They seem to be wearing out.

As we grow older there are several things that happen to our skin and the first thing is we start to loose the elastin due to the collagen production slowing down or stopping. Collagen is the component in our body that holds us together. It keeps the connective tissues in our body together and helps us maintain a young, youthful look.

Around the age of 25, we start to lose our collagen and by the age of 60, we have lost over half of our collagen. The loss of a main substance that protects not only our skin but the synovial fluids and cartilage in our body has all but totally disappeared and not only lets the skin start to sag, but makes us feel old too. While collagen can not be absorbed through the pores, we can reclaim some of by different products and therapy.

Here at Dr. Basner’s office, we offer an anti-aging product line from Restylane to help you gain back some of that youthful look and feeling. Among the wide range of topical skincare products, the dermal filler treatment will create definition, hydration and volume from the inside of your pores. Along with the Restylane Skincare, your skin from the middle and upper layers are protected.

The scientific proven combination of the ingredients found in Restylane will improve the health of your skin and bring back some of its youthful feeling and glow. While it may be more expensive than other products on the market, the Dr. Basner and his staff are confident that this product will give you several years of that youthful look.

Until someone does find that mythical fountain of youth, anti-ageing creams and formulas are what we need to rely on to stop feeling and looking older. With Dr. Basner’s team and the Restylane products, we can go through this life and ready to tackle whatever the day-to-day challenges bring us.

With this being said, isn’t time for you to call The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland today and make your appointment for a consultation? The facts of life have changed over the years, and one of those being that the aesthetics of the ageing process can be reversed with a little help.