Your Cosmetic Surgery Is Not The Time To Be Frugal

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Being frugal is an admirable trait for the most part. A trait that many of us didn't have, are learning now. However, there are somethings that it's just not worth taking the less expensive route. Things such as aesthetic services like dentist visits and cosmetic procedures can end up disastrous.

For those who have a desire to maintain their looks through cosmetic surgery, they may be tempted by those offers on the internet, television and even billboards with those offers of cosmetic procedures at low cost. Those are one of those things that being frugal isn't a good idea. For example, around the United States, many back room amateurs are offering injections in the buttocks at a low cost compared to having this procedure done by an experienced, licensed professional.

It has been reported that by some that have tried this economic means of getting this cosmetic procedure at a discount has sent some patients to the hospital. Recipients of these backroom procedures has been diagnosed with respiratory problems when particles of the silicone that was injected moved into their lungs. One patient it has been reported that after their butt injection by one of the backroom amateur started having difficulty breathing and complained of chest pains. That patient lost their life.

Sadly, these are not isolated incidents. There have been cases of these low-cost amateurs, who are not licensed to practice medicine, injecting an unidentified matter into their patients and the patient then becomes a victim with a disfigured area of the body. Even worse, some patients have suffered amputations, kidney failure, ending up on dialysis or worse, dead.

While these incidents are not isolate, nor are they the standards for normal outcomes when cosmetic procedures, such as butt lifts, are done correctly by license, experienced doctors such as Dr. Basner and the staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland.

For the public's safety, the government has set more stringent laws and processes in place and continue to crack down on this type of backroom activity. However, the rise in these illegal activities still continues.

The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland can't stress enough for those considering a cosmetic procedure of any type, do your homework. Research several doctors and check their licenses, their records and ask for referrals. Being frugal is an admirable trait, but not at the risk of your health or your life. Our goal is Revealing The Beauty In You safely.