Breast Augmentation for Wide Gap Between Breasts

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Many women naturally have a gap between their breasts which may prevent them from achieving the cleavage they want. In addition, sometimes an improperly performed breast augmentation can cause a gap between the breasts, which may require revision breast surgery if this gap is not something the patient wanted.Before and after breast augmentation for woman with wide gap between breasts | Dr. Adam Basner

Baltimore plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner has the experience and ability to create the best cleavage possible for his patients. In addition, he has experience performing revision breast augmentation to reverse poor results from a previous surgery.

If you are interested in a breast augmentation but are concerned about a wide gap between the breasts, call Dr. Basner at 410-616-3000 to set up your consultation. Dr. Basner will examine you carefully and let you know what your options are.

How Can You Reduce the Gap Between Your Breasts?

How much cleavage you can achieve is dependent on your anatomy as well as the size and type of implant you decide to have placed. Implants will make your breasts bigger, which will naturally reduce some of the gap between your breasts.

However, it is important to realize that in some women, there will always be a gap simply due to anatomy. Dr. Basner will do everything he can to get you the look you want, but anatomical limitations unfortunately do exist.

Some techniques that may help to reduce a gap during breast augmentation include:

  • Implant placement: Sometimes placing the implant over the muscle rather than underneath can create larger breasts with a smaller gap.
  • Implant type: Implants with a high profile may create wide cleavage, so we may recommend a moderate profile instead.
  • Breast lift plus augmentation: In some cases, having a breast lift in addition to augmentation can help to position the breasts closer together. However, if you do not need a breast lift, it is not recommended to have one due to scarring.

Dr. Basner will discuss your goals and options during your consultation. He will let you know honestly what he is able to achieve, and how he can achieve it.

Creating Cleavage with Wide Set Breasts

Even if you are not able to reduce the gap between your breasts as much as you'd like, you can still achieve a very nice result with breast augmentation. The larger size of your breasts will give the illusion that they are closer set, and they will be in harmony with your body frame.

Wide set breasts can be corrected with breast surgery and a good bra | Dr. Adam BasnerAlso, it is completely possible to wear a push-up bra even after breast augmentation. Many women find that they can achieve the cleavage they want after breast surgery simply through use of a good bra. Immediately after your breast implant surgery, your breasts will feel hard and won't be able to move much, but after they soften you can go shopping for a bra that will make your breasts look amazing in whatever clothing you want.

It is incredibly important to choose a surgeon who has experience working with women with a wide gap in order to get the best results. Dr. Basner has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and an eye for balance and harmony that allows him to achieve the best results possible with his patients, no matter their unique anatomy. See his before and after gallery of breast augmentation for wide set breasts for examples of his work.

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