Candidates for Nose Surgery

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Nose surgery is one of the most commonly performed facial procedures in the field of plastic surgery. While this procedure can provide incredible results and improvements for the right candidates, rhinoplasty is not always a viable procedure for everyone. 

To find out if you are an ideal candidate for nose surgery in the Baltimore area, please call our plastic surgery center at (410) 616-3000 to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Adam Basner.

Is Nose Surgery Right for Me?

If you are interested in changing the appearance of your nose, rhinoplasty might be right for you. Dr. Basner can use a number of surgical techniques during your nose surgery to address issues regarding:

  • The overall shape of the nose in terms of the size, width and symmetry
  • The bridge of the nose, especially bumps or crookedness
  • The nose tip, particularly when it appears to be upturned, drooping or bulbous
  • The nostrils, whether they appear to be too large or too small
  • A deviated septum or trouble breathing

If you are more concerned about wrinkles or sagging that is occurring in your mid-facial area, you will likely achieve better results with a non-surgical rejuvenation treatment, but Dr. Basner will discuss this with you when determining your nose surgery candidacy.

Ideal Nose Surgery Candidates

When it comes to nose surgery, results are important, but the most important thing is really your safety. Even if nose surgery can be used to address issues you might have, it’s important to make sure that you are a viable candidate in order to ensure you achieve the results you want with a safe and healthy process.

You might be an ideal candidate for nose surgery if:

  • You are both physically and mentally healthy enough to undergo surgery
  • You have realistic expectations about what the procedure can and cannot accomplish
  • You are at least 14 years old and your facial features are fully developed
  • You are not a smoker or you agree to stop smoking for a period of time surrounding your procedure

The best way to determine your nose surgery candidacy is to call Dr. Basner’s cosmetic surgery office at (410) 616-3000 to schedule a personal consultation with our experienced Baltimore plastic surgeon who can help you make the right choice for you.