Incision Locations for Breast Enlargement

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The goal of your breast augmentation procedure is to create results about which you feel ecstatic. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner wants you to be able to enjoy renewed confidence and a positive body image, and he will help you tailor your breast enlargement options to your desired final outcome. One such option is incision location, or the incision through which a breast implant is placed in the breast pocket.

Inframammary Breast Incisions

This incision is placed in the crease beneath the breast, where the breast meets the chest wall. The inframammary location is generally well-concealed in this natural fold. This incision provides Dr. Basner with optimal control over the placement of the breast implants in the surgical field. Although he will create symmetrical, beautiful results with any incision he uses, the inframammary incision is typically the location that gives a surgeon the very best and easiest control over symmetry.

Areolar (Periareolar) Breast Incisions

These small incisions are placed around the areola, right where they can be hidden in the color change between areola and skin. This location tends to hide the incision quite well. This is another type of incision location that provides plastic surgeons with great control of the symmetry of the results.

Transaxillary Underarm Incisions

These incisions are placed in your underarms. Obviously a big benefit of this incision location is that anytime you have your arms down, the incision will be hidden from view. Even when lifting your arms up high, the incision is made as small as possible and tends to blend in to the texture of the underarm skin.

The technical aspects of the procedure can be a bit bewildering for someone who isn't medically trained. Dr. Basner not only has the prestigious training, but also the extensive experience to know how each incision location affects the procedure itself and the final results with which the patient will be living.

Part of Dr. Basner's duty to you as our guest is to demystify the breast enlargement process for you. He'll help you choose incision locations, implant type, implant size, placement and other aspects that will produce the life-changing cosmetic results you want.

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