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Do you have bulges of excess skin or rolls of fat on your back from excessive weight loss or bariatric surgery? Despite a healthy diet and exercise, do you still struggle to lose back rolls or sagging skin? You may be a good candidate for back lift surgery. This body contouring procedure, sometimes called a bra-line back lift, removes the excess tissue and sagging skin below and above the area on your back associated with wearing a bra.

Baltimore-based plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner is board-certified and has been performing cosmetic surgery for over two decades. He can help you reclaim a body you can be proud of with the latest cosmetic surgical field advances. Learn more about getting a back lift in Baltimore by scheduling a body contour consultation with Dr. Basner at 410-616-3000.

What Happens During Back Lift Surgery?

Weight loss, though beneficial to our health and self-esteem, can sometimes leave us with unsightly sagging skin. During back lift surgery, this excess skin is removed from the upper back area, above and below the bra line. Dr. Basner will make every effort to minimize scarring and ensure undergarments can conceal any small scars. Bras, swimsuit tops and other types of garments can typically hide the scars from this procedure.

Back lift surgery is performed with general anesthesia, and it generally takes about an hour. Ask Dr. Basner about combining your back lift with another procedure, such as a tummy tuck or an arm lift, for a complete, refreshed look.

What Can I Expect From A Back Lift?

You can see results from back lift surgery immediately — a smoother, sleeker, enhanced appearance and a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. This procedure greatly improves the contour of the back, which can enhance your appearance in form-fitting clothes and swimsuits.

The procedure does not remove excess fat, only sagging skin. You can combine it with liposuction if you have deposits of fat you want to remove. Combining the results of back lift surgery with additional cosmetic surgery will often provide you the most natural-looking and comprehensive rejuvenation effects.

Learn More About Getting a Back Lift in Baltimore

Dr. Basner and his team will walk you through every step of this procedure. With more than two decades of plastic surgery experience, Baltimore-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Adam Basner is your ideal option for contouring loose, sagging skin on your back. His practice welcomes patients from Columbia, Owings Mills, Towson and the surrounding areas of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Check out patient reviews for Dr. Basner to see what people have to say. Call 410-616-3000 or contact us today about your back lift in Maryland!