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Rhinoplasty can dramatically improve your self-esteem by bringing all the features of your face into better proportion and harmony. This type of facial surgery can address virtually any cosmetic and some functional issues you have with your nose. Many men and women find that even the smallest shape and size adjustments can help them feel like their best selves.  

Dr. Adam Basner is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been performing nose surgery for nearly two decades. Rhinoplasty is one of Dr. Basner’s favorite procedures because the process of creating beautiful, natural-looking results is very artistic.

The only way to know if rhinoplasty can accomplish the changes you want to see is to speak with Dr. Basner in person. Schedule your consultation today by calling 414-616-3000. We serve Baltimore, Columbia, Owings Mills, Towson, and other areas of Maryland as well as lower regions of Pennsylvania.

What Can Rhinoplasty Do?

Rhinoplasty may be right for you if you want to change anything about your nose, including the following:

  • Bump or hump in the nose bridge
  • Bulbous nose tip
  • Drooping nose tip
  • Upturned nose tip
  • Large nostrils
  • Nose asymmetry
  • Crooked nose
  • Nose size and width
  • Overall nose shape
  • Deviated symptom or trouble breathing through your nose

Being unhappy with the way your nose looks can be persistently frustrating. You may think about how if you could just change your nose a little, then your whole face would be more balanced. With rhinoplasty, Dr. Basner can create that subtle change, thereby making your face look more aesthetically pleasing.

Ideal Candidates for Nose Surgery

When it comes to nose surgery, results are important, but the most important thing is your safety. Even if nose surgery can be used to address issues you might have, it’s important to make sure that you are a good candidate in order to ensure that the changes are made in a safe and healthy way.

You might be an ideal candidate for nose surgery if:

  • You are both physically and mentally healthy enough to undergo surgery
  • You have realistic expectations about what the procedure can and cannot accomplish
  • You are at least 14 years old and your facial features are fully developed
  • You are not a smoker or you agree to stop smoking for a period of time surrounding your procedure
"I can't thank Dr. Basner enough for helping me feel so much better about my appearance. I can't believe I waited so long to do this." – F.T.

Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

Rhinoplasty before and after in Baltimore During your private consultation with Dr. Basner, expect to discuss your concerns about your nose and the results you hope to achieve. Dr. Basner will consider these factors and examine your nose to determine if rhinoplasty can achieve your goals. From there, you will work together to arrive at a specific plan for your rhinoplasty.

You will also have the opportunity to view rhinoplasty before and after photos during this visit. Dr. Basner will show you images that resemble what your nose currently looks like and what you can expect after your nose surgery. It is critical to evaluate Dr. Basner’s style and taste through these photos and make sure that it aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

If you attend other consultations, be sure to question any computer simulations of what your nose may look like after surgery. These visuals can be exciting, but they don’t necessarily mean the surgeon has the skill and experience to produce the outcome you see on the screen. Always insist on viewing before and after images.

Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

There are two basic rhinoplasty techniques: the open procedure and the closed procedure. While these procedures are different, one is not necessarily better than the other.

In an open rhinoplasty, incisions will be made inside the nose, but there will also be an incision made outside your nose, on the strip of skin between your nostrils. This approach allows Dr. Basner to have an optimum view of and access to the inner structures of your nose. In the closed technique, incisions are made only inside the nose.

Dr. Basner will discuss the advantages of each technique and which one will be the best fit for what you want to achieve. He understands that no two patients have the same nose or the same goals and tailors the procedure to meet each individual’s needs.

Nose Surgery Recovery

Rhinoplasty recovery infographic Recovering from nose surgery is a relatively painless and fast process. You will likely experience manageable discomfort on the night of your procedure that should improve by the following day. Dr. Basner will give you care instructions and activity restrictions to adhere to during this time.

For many patients, the most inconvenient part of this process is the fact that it is difficult to breathe through the nose for several days, largely due to the recovery splint. You will need to wear this splint for five or six days. When it is time for the splint to come off, you can return to work or school.

Your nose will have an improved appearance when the splint is removed. Your results will continue to look better over the next several months as your nose fully heals. Aside from age-related changes later in life, the results of this procedure are permanent.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

If you're interested in rhinoplasty, you've probably been trying to research its cost. If so, you may have found a wide range of prices on the internet. The cost of  a rhinoplasty can vary greatly depending on your location, the expertise of your surgeon, whether you are having multiple procedures done, the extent of your surgery and more. The final cost of your rhinoplasty surgery will be determined by our staff after your initial consultation with Dr. Basner.

If you are seeking rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, then insurance is very unlikely to cover any portion. But if you have a medical reason for getting nose surgery – such as a deviated septum or other issues leading to breathing problems or congestion – then some insurance policies may provide coverage. Our office will help you determine your situation and what you can expect to pay.

Schedule Your Baltimore-Area Rhinoplasty Consultation

If you want to find out if you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty, call 414-616-3000 to schedule a cosmetic consultation with experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Basner. We welcome men and women from Baltimore, Columbia, Owings Mills, Towson, and other areas of Maryland as well as lower regions of Pennsylvania.

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