Patient Reviews for Dr. Basner

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Serving Baltimore, Columbia, Owings Mills, Towson, Nearby Maryland & Lower Pennsylvania

- A.W.
I had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck with Dr. Basner in September.  I am over the top happy with my results!  My friends are so jealous!   He is so kind and such a great surgeon, I would recommend anyone thinking about plastic surgery to see him.  When I compared Dr. Basner’s before and after photos to other Drs. in the area, I knew he was the one I wanted to do my surgery. You would never know I had 3 kids…  My results are incredible and I could not be happier!!
- J.T.
I highly recommend Dr.Basner! After being highly recommended, I made my appointment for a consultation. His kind , gentle demeanor made me very comfortable. We discussed several of my concerns. I was looking for a Doctor who would be comfortable performing several procedures in one visit. I scheduled a breast reduction, Neck lift, mid face lift, and Brazilian butt lift with Liposuction. I am thrilled with my results! Friends and family all assume I just lost weight. My results are so natural. Im so thrilled that 2 months later I scheduled Mons pubis lipo procedure. Another success!! Dr. Basner‘s assistant Colleen is always available and helpful with any questions or concerns and Rae is always so sweet never making me feel like a pain in the butt when I call. Bottom line… Call Dr. Basner. You’ll be so happy you did!
- EB
Dear Surgical Team;

I would like to say the anesthesiologist, the nurses and everyone who helped me before and after my surgery, that I am so happy and thankful for your help. I couldn't believe your kindness and patience that you all showed me. When I was on my way home I kept telling my mom over and over that you were the best team I ever had for surgery. The nurse who helped me get my surgical clothing on and took my pictures was so nice and understanding of my fear and she helped me calm down a lot. Next I would like to thank my anesthesiologist, she was so kind and nice to me that I couldn't help but tear up a little. When I first met her it made me feel good to see how happy she was and when she saw me crying she really comforted me and kept reassuring me that I would be alright. When she took me into the operating room she was really nice and got me all situated with lots of warm blankets and leg massagers (so relaxing). She was so right about my falling asleep in about 30 seconds. I remember talking to her about school and other things and asking her would I fall asleep quickly, she said yes and she was right. To the nurses who took care of me after the surgery I want to to give you a big thank you too. They were so patient and kind and took great care of me since I was basically out of it. 

You guys changed my life forever and I am so happy with the result of my surgery and couldn't be happier. My anxiety about my ears has gone way down and I feel so much better putting my hair up and just being around people that I can not even put it into words. My recovery has gone great and I am getting back to doing the things I love with more confidence and feeling a lot happier. I can't wait to show the rest of my friends and family and just want to thank you so much for the results you guys have given me. I was treated with so much kindness, it was amazing and I couldn't thank you guys enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

From your happiest patient, 
- 15 Y/O otoplasty Patient
I was referred to Dr. Basner by my GYN physician after I mentioned I would love a tummy tuck.  I am so glad I took his advice and made an appointment.  Dr. Basner gave me back the body I had before my 3 children.  He even did liposuction to my waist at no extra charge to help contour my waist!!  I would highly recommend anyone thinking about a tummy tuck to see Dr. Basner.  He is a great surgeon!!
- P.J.
I saw Dr. Basner’s website while searching about BBL procedures.  When I saw his before and after pictures, I knew I had to have him do my surgery.  He was able to give me exactly what I wanted…(I’m actually on his website now!!)  I am so happy with my results and the whole experience.  It was much easier than I thought it would be, and his staff was so nice!!  If you are interested in a BBL…see Dr. Basner!!!
- W.N.
Thank you Dr. Basner and staff for making my surgical experience so great!  I was so nervous when I came in for my consultation, but after my visit I was very comfortable making a decision to have my breast augmentation with Dr. Basner.  I LOVE my results and have recommended 2 friends to see him for their procedures!  Thank you again!!
- H.T.
I have never written a review before, but felt I had to thank Dr. Basner again for doing such a great job with my surgery!!  I went to a reunion last month and got so many compliments on how great I looked.  Of course no one knew I had a face lift over 3 years ago!!! I was thrilled after my surgery, but never expected to feel so good about it even years later! 

Thank you Dr. Basner for helping me look as young as I feel!!
- D.L.
The staff/surgeon have been extremely attentive to all my medical and surgical needs.  Not only have they answered my questions but they did a remarkable job with my procedure and I am more proud and comfortable with my body.  Not to mention, my back pain has disappeared.  Great job Dr. Basner/Colleen.
- G.R
Dr. Basner was excellent.  He provided a very professional pre-surgery exam, where he explained to me the procedure and expected results.  Treatment results were outstanding and I could not be more satisfied.
- S.A