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Transform and elevate the look of your breasts with a breast lift in Baltimore. Dr. Adam Basner specializes not only in Baltimore breast lifts but also in enhancing breast size and rectifying breast asymmetry. Curious about whether you're the right fit for a breast lift? Reach out to Dr. Basner's Baltimore office. Dial 410-616-3000 to speak with our dedicated team today.

What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift (also referred to as a mastopexy) is generally recommended for women who are happy with the size of their breasts, but unhappy with sagginess and elongation. Breast lift surgeons remove excess breast skin and tighten the remaining tissue to form a firmer, rejuvenated breast contour. Sagging or elongated breasts are raised to create a more defined silhouette.

It's important to understand that this procedure does not increase the size of your breasts or round out the top of your breasts. If you would like more volume in addition to a lift, Dr. Basner can guide you on the benefits of combining a breast augmentation with a breast lift. Conversely, some women would like to reduce the overall size of their breasts while also lifting their position. In such cases, Dr. Basner may recommend combining a breast reduction with a breast lift.

Are You the Right Candidate for a Mastopexy?

A mastopexy is a transformative procedure that addresses sagging and reshapes the breasts for a youthful contour. But, like all surgical procedures, it's not suitable for everyone. When researching Baltimore breast lift procedures, our team can help you assess whether you're an ideal candidate for a mastopexy, taking into consideration factors like physical health, expectations and lifestyle.

You may be a candidate for mastopexy (breast lift) in Baltimore if you have any of the following:

  • Sagging, elongated breasts
  • Deflated breasts that have lost firmness
  • Nipples that point downward
  • Nipples that fall below the breast crease
  • Stretched, enlarged areolas

Whether these characteristics have always been present or if they naturally developed over the years, a breast lift may be the right way to restore your confidence and encourage positive feelings about your body. For many women, these breast changes occur as a result of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Aging
  • Heredity

As is the case for any aesthetic surgery, you should be in generally good health in order to undergo a breast lift. Baltimore surgeon Dr. Basner and his staff will review your health history with you and make sure you are a good candidate for a breast lift.

Dr. Basner has been serving the Baltimore area for years. He is proud to offer advanced, state-of-the-art care to his patients every day. To arrange your consultation, please call our practice at 410-616-3000.

Everything You Should Know About Breast Lifts

Embarking on the journey of cosmetic enhancement requires both understanding and visualization. The following infographic offers a concise, visual snapshot of what a mastopexy entails, its benefits and essential considerations. Whether you're contemplating the procedure or merely curious, this visual guide simplifies the complexities of a breast lift, providing a clearer picture of the transformational journey ahead.

Baltimore Breast Lift

What Are the Risks of Breast Lift Surgery?

While a breast lift, or mastopexy, can offer rejuvenating results, it's crucial to approach the decision with a comprehensive understanding of the associated risks. Like any surgical procedure, mastopexy comes with potential complications. Keep reading to explore some of the inherent risks tied to breast lift surgeries, ensuring you're well-informed as you contemplate this transformative journey.

1. Scarring

One of the most common side effects, scarring can vary in appearance. Dr. Basner will try to place incisions in less conspicuous locations, but some degree of scarring is inevitable. While scars are permanent, most typically fade and soften within a few years.

2. Asymmetry

There may be differences in the shape and size of the surgically altered left and right breasts. This may be a result of changes during the healing process. It's important to understand that surgery doesn't usually change breasts that were different sizes prior to surgery.

3. Loss of Sensation

Some patients might experience a temporary or permanent change in nipple or breast sensation. While sensation usually returns within several weeks, some loss of feeling may be permanent. Keep in mind that erotic sensation is rarely affected.

4. Breastfeeding Difficulties

While many women can breastfeed following a mastopexy, the surgery might reduce the ability to do so.

5. Loss of the Nipples or Areolae

In rare cases, the blood supply to the nipple or areola can briefly stop during breast lift surgery. This can sometimes damage the breast tissue, leading to partial or complete loss of the nipple or areola.

It's crucial for patients to discuss these risks and any other concerns with their plastic surgeon during the consultation phase. Baltimore breast lift surgeon Dr. Adam Basner will provide insight into these potential risks and offer guidance on how to minimize them. Additionally, following post-operative instructions carefully can also help in reducing the occurrence of complications.

When Should I Get a Breast Lift?

Most women want to make sure they time their breast lifts correctly, to be in harmony with their current lifestyles and future physical changes. Some women are concerned with if and how a breast lift will affect any future pregnancies.

A breast lift should not affect your ability to breastfeed or any other aspect of pregnancy and childbirth. But any future pregnancies may ultimately change the results you achieve from a breast lift because of weight fluctuations and other physical changes. Many women are fine with this possibility and choose to undergo the breast lift, while others decide to wait until they are no longer planning for more children. Dr. Basner and our team will discuss all of these factors with you, so you can make an informed decision.

How Much Does a Breast Lift in Baltimore Cost?

Breast lifts, or mastopexies, offer a solution to sagging breasts, restoring their youthful contour. However, the cost remains a significant consideration for many. The price of a breast lift in Baltimore can vary based on a number of factors. These costs can include anesthesia, operating facilities, post-surgery care and more.

It's essential to prioritize a surgeon's qualifications over price alone. While seeking affordable options, remember that a well-performed surgery offers lasting satisfaction, whereas opting for a subpar procedure might lead to complications and higher costs in the long run. Patients should discuss all costs transparently with their chosen surgeon and explore available financing or payment plans. In the end, a breast lift is an investment in oneself, where quality should never be compromised.

The final cost of your procedure will be determined by our staff after your initial consultation with Dr. Basner. Our staff will also discuss financing and payment options that work best for your budget.

Baltimore Breast Lift Surgical Procedure & Recovery

When considering a breast lift procedure in Baltimore, understanding the breast lift surgical process and recovery is essential. The following is what you can expect when working with board-certified Baltimore breast lift surgeons like Dr. Basner.

  1. First, anesthesia will be administered so that you will be deeply sedated during the procedure. Once you are asleep, Dr. Basner will complete the surgical steps of the breast lift.
  2. Next, an incision is made. There are a few different incision types that may be chosen for your procedure based on the current size, shape and condition of your breasts, and on what is being accomplished during the procedure.
  3. Using the incision, Dr. Basner will then lift and reshape the breast tissue. In most cases, the nipple and areola are also lifted. The areolas may be reduced if you and Dr. Basner have discussed that they would benefit from rejuvenation. The excess skin is then removed. The end result is firmer, rejuvenated breasts.

Recovery from Mastopexy

You'll want to plan to take some time to rest and recover following your mastopexy. Our team will make sure you know exactly what to expect and what to do during this period of downtime. Generally, most women return to work after about a week. But if your job requires heavy lifting or is otherwise strenuous, you may need to stay home longer. Most strenuous exercise can be safely resumed after six weeks. Dr. Basner will make sure you have a timeline for returning to various activities.

How Long Do Results Last?

Breast lift results are typically long-lasting. You can protect the results by maintaining a stable weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. Weight gain and smoking are two lifestyle factors that can be controlled in order to extend your breast lift results. Both factors can cause your breasts to sag again. Other things like pregnancy, aging and the unavoidable effects of gravity may also affect the appearance of your results at some point down the road. But generally speaking, you'll continue to enjoy the results of your breast lift for a long time to come.

Do Breast Lifts Leave Scars?

When an incision heals, it leaves a scar. Over time, these scars will fade and flatten. It's impossible to say what your scars will look like without first having a consultation with Dr. Basner. There are several options for incision location. Incisions made around the areola are well hidden in the color and texture change of that skin. Dr. Basner makes every effort to conceal your incisions and minimize their final appearance.

7 Breast Lift Terms You Need to Know

Navigating the world of cosmetic surgery, particularly breast lifts, can often feel overwhelming due to the plethora of technical terms and jargon. To assist you in understanding and making informed decisions about your procedure, we've compiled a glossary of key terms related to breast lifts. This section will break down essential terminologies, ensuring you're well-equipped with knowledge as you consider or prepare for your mastopexy journey.

  1. Mastopexy: The surgical term for a breast lift.
  2. Breast Implants: Medical-grade devices placed within the breasts to enlarge their size. Breast implants are filled with saline fluid or silicone gel. Breast implants are sometimes combined with a breast lift for lifting and enlargement results.
  3. Incision: A cut made surgically in the skin.
  4. Excision: Surgical removal of the skin with a scalpel or other surgical method.
  5. Areola: The skin surrounding your nipple.
  6. Elongation: The stretched, lengthened appearance of breasts that have become saggy and deflated.
  7. Sedation: Medications administered either orally or intravenously to create relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lifts

As breast lift surgery continues to gain popularity, it's natural to have questions about the process, outcomes and recovery. In this section, we address some of the most common inquiries regarding breast lifts.

How Painful Is a Breast Lift?

Discomfort is a common aspect of the recovery process following breast lift surgery. But while the level of pain experienced can differ, most patients describe post-operative pain as manageable and temporary. Pain medications will be prescribed to help alleviate any discomfort during the initial stages of healing. It's crucial to follow the recommended post-operative care instructions and attend follow-up appointments to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal results.

Can a Breast Lift Look Good Without Implants?

Absolutely. While breast implants can enhance volume, a skillfully executed breast lift can yield remarkable results on its own. By removing excess skin, repositioning the nipple and reshaping the breast tissue, a breast lift can achieve a natural and aesthetically pleasing outcome without the need for implants. Dr. Basner can help determine the best approach based on your desired outcome and unique anatomical considerations.

Can Sagging Breasts Be Firm Again?

Yes, they can. The effects of time, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and other factors can lead to sagging breasts. But with the expertise of our skilled team, sagging breasts can be transformed, helping you regain the firmness and confidence you desire. Whether you're looking to rejuvenate your figure after childbirth or simply counter the effects of aging, a breast lift procedure can provide lasting results and restore the firmness you once enjoyed.

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Baltimore breast lift
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