Breast Reduction Cost

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Posted: July 29, 2015
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dreamstime_617930_zps9073ed0b.JPGFor many women, bigger breasts are not always better. If you have breasts you feel are overly large, breast reduction may be the right way to not only reduce their size, but also to improve the overall shape of your breasts. For many women, breast reduction is covered by health insurance under certain circumstances.

Coverage varies by insurance policy, and you'll have to check your policy to determine what coverage is available. Health insurance often covers breast reconstruction that is deemed "reconstructive" or "medically necessary." They won't generally cover procedures which appear to them to be purely motivated by aesthetics.

If you have back pain or pain elsewhere because of the large size and weight of your breasts, then an insurance policy is more likely to cover it. Also, some insurers will base their coverage decision on the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed.

At Dr. Adam Basner's plastic surgery practice, we also work with several third-party financing companies to offer our guests more flexibility in paying for their procedures. If you cannot acquire insurance coverage for your breast reduction or want to finance it for some other reason, our experienced team is ready to explain all of your options.

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